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    all right, I'm back now with more mind leaks. now this story is a project i've been working on for quite a while. here is the first chapter of part 1:

    SPOILER! :
    Jake Hemsworth wasn’t just a simple run of the mill gun for hire; he was a war veteran with enough intelligence to be the leader of an army and he had enough tactical skill and brute strength to counter any difficult situation.
    Then why did I agree to do this, anyway? Jake asked himself as he was descending in an elevator with three other armed bodyguards and a scowling fat pig. Scowling fat pig, Jake was barely able to hold back his grin after coming up with that undeniably fitting adjective, so with lots of effort he was finally able to hide it in an overly irritated face. Never the less, the irritated face was noticed by the said pig.
    -Is something bothering you? Mr. Hemsworth?
    -No, pi- … sir. It’s nothing.
    -I’m sure that a man of your caliber wouldn’t make that face for nothing; did you perhaps feel the killing intent of someone nearby?
    Jake rolled his eyes around. Killing intent! What a huge load of crap!
    -No, sir. Everything is completely fine.
    Actually, there were a lot of things by the definition that he could count ‘wrong’. Just like their destination: the parking lot. Jake didn’t like parking lots, for a bodyguard or mercenary parking lots were a loose hell made of security holes and places to conduct assassinations, but no matter how much he argued against it, the pig wouldn’t consent to not going back home without driving his luxury Bentley or even letting someone else bring it for him.
    A loud beeping noise was heard from the doors, they were at their destination. “All right, boys. You know the protocol…” Jake said while looking back at the three other men accompanying them in suits. Fernando, Jerrod and Bob; out of them three, only Bob had a personality to Jake’s liking. Usually, bodyguards leave an impression of discomfort on the people who make eye contact with them. But Bob was different, he even refused to put on shades in contrary to Fernando and Jerrod; he said he didn’t want to scare away anyone who dares to try something when he’s around. Jake liked that type of things, formalities are just too much of a pain to deal with; others should take it easy too once in a while.
    -What are you waiting for, Mr. Hemsworth? Shouldn’t we get going?
    -Right. Sorry, sir.
    The pig’s interruption blocked his train of thoughts and he stepped out of the elevator, leading everyone else after him. Stupid pig! Oh damn it, that name is going to stick for a while now, I have to be careful.
    Jake shook his head and focused on his surroundings, as expected the parking lot was pitch black. Behind every car there was a good amount of shadow to hide in, which meant that there were a lot of good vantage points for any assassin to start shooting from. In this situation, they had no choice but to just cover the client with their own bodies from all four directions.
    The others didn’t need Jake to tell them that, they had already positioned themselves around the pig and only left the front spot open for him to cover. The atmosphere was tense and even the fat pig didn’t dare make a noise. Jake went smoothly into his position and just as he raised his hand to give the go signal…
    The low pitched sound of a telephone echoed through the parking lot.
    Jake took his gun out as quickly as he could and aimed it straight at the source. The source was a mobile phone in the hands of a relatively young woman dressed in a tuxedo. Its light was shining on her face, revealing her location in the middle of the darkness. She slowly raised the phone towards her left ear and Jake’s hands stiffened over the trigger of his gun…
    -what is it, mum? ... mhmmm … mhmmm.. yeah… so she’s out of her cage again? Oh…
    Jake and the others were drowned in silence as she continued talking casually on her phone. After a few seconds, bob’s laughter broke their silence. “Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!” he stepped towards the woman and started talking “young lady! You really shouldn’t be scaring us like that!” and he took another step. The woman raised her hand to silence him and continued talking “all right, look, I’m working right now, ok? I’ll call you back as soon as I’m done. All right, love you!” Bob sighed and started walking towards her. Jake’s hands stiffened more on the trigger, he had a bad feeling in his gut, “Bob, stop! Don’t take anoth…” but he was too late, as soon as the woman ended her call the nearest car to bob exploded into flames.
    “Shit!” Jake fit the pig’s head into his palm and pushed him down alongside himself and protected him from the explosion with his own back. After the silent awkwardness that had taken over the mood everything went into immediate panic. He could feel the intense heat on his back, but his mind had gone numb from the shockwave sound and the pig’s screams and shouting was preventing him from fully concentrating. He tried to regain his senses and looked at his surroundings. The woman was no longer there, instead of her, there was only bob’s charred corpse, still in flames. She’s going to come again! After that thought crossed his mind, he immediately stood back on his feet.
    “Fernando! Cover my back! We’re getting the pig out of here!” no signs of any answer was heard “FERNANDO!” Fear suddenly took over. “Umm, boss! Fernando’s dead!” Jake looked down near his foot and saw Fernando lying there on the ground with Jerrod at his feet, his throat was slit from side to and the blood flowing from the cut had colored his shirt dark red.
    How did she do it? It’s impossible! Where did she come from? This isn’t good, I’m losing it. Calm down Jake! He took a deep breath and analyzed the situation again. He had to think quickly, the flames in front of him were a huge light source, she wouldn’t risk coming from there because her shadow would give away her location easily, and also she would be expecting them to run towards the exit which was to their right. So it’s either the left or the back? No, she needs the element of surprise. A spark was suddenly generated in his head. “Get the pig and follow me Jerrod!” and he ran full speed towards the exit.
    He kept his head straight and started counting in his heart, one… two... three… four! With the number four he pointed both his head and his gun to his right. With his absolute surprise, the woman was sitting on her knees right in middle of two normal sports cars with a gun in her hand, still not ready to shoot. Jake stopped and a grin formed on his face “I won, bitch!” he shouted. A smooth and calm voice spoke in his ears “No, you have already lost…” a cold piercing sensation started from the left side of his neck and it continued into the same place on the right side. He felt the flow of blood exiting his body and everything turned pitch black.


    Ignis was completely confused, she did not have any idea about what to think after seeing what had happened in front of her. In the place of the bodyguard who had a gun pointed to her head a few seconds ago, there stood another one; Wiping the blood off his combat knife in the most relaxed way possible.
    “Well, this is awkward…” the first one to start speaking was the bodyguard “there goes all my plans, right down through the drain…” though what he said was not at all threatening, his cold and emotionless voice put Ignis on guard and made her put up her weapon. “Relax… I’m not an enemy…” and he took off his sunglasses.
    Ignis put down her weapon again; the eyes behind the glasses were familiar to her. It took her a few seconds to link them to a name: “Noroi?”
    It wasn’t a big surprise that the eyes by themselves were enough to identify him. His facial structure was normal and with the sunglasses on his face, there would be nothing that could stand out from his looks. But when he removed them, he revealed the emptiest and the most expressionless eyes that a human could possibly possess. His eyes were jet black; In fact, it was nearly impossible to recognize the difference between his pupil and iris from afar; and he did not show any signs of life in them, even with the reflection of the flickering fire in his eyes, it seemed impossible. In short, his eyes looked as if they were dead.
    Compared to him, Ignis was the polar opposite. With her red hair tied in a long pony tail behind her back and her blue eyes, she looked extremely flashy. If someone was to describe the scene in which Noroi was walking towards Ignis, the best way to go about it would probably be ‘The hell spawn looking down at an angel’.
    “Would you mind sharing the reason…” Noroi started talking as if he was lecturing a school kid for vandalizing the school blackboard “…why you are after my pray, Miss Ignis?” Ignis finally started her first sentence “What do you mean “my prey”? I’ve got direct orders from Caz to do this!” she seemed to have let down her guard after recognizing the man.
    -El Cazador swapped our targets after realizing that this one is more suited for my services. Duke should have contacted you about that a week ago…
    -What? Why did he do that? I can take care of these guys in my sleep.
    -It didn’t appear to me like that… if I wasn’t here just now, you would have failed the mission…
    Ignis was just about to throw out a comeback when she was interrupted by a cry of pain coming out of their target’s mouth. The fat man had apparently fainted after Fernando was killed and now he was slowly regaining consciousness on the ground.
    “We are not in a situation to be arguing about this right now” said Noroi while turning away and walking towards his target “Somebody has probably called the police and they might be here any second. I’m going to clean up here, you go take care of things there…” and he pointed towards the stair case leading downstairs. Ignis shook her head in agreement.
    By the time Noroi had lifted up the target from his collar and was twisting his arms over his neck, she had already disappeared.

    EDIT: I Extended it a bit... english is not my first language and i have to fix a lot of problems until my writing gets proper. any grammatical or story-wise critiques are welcome.
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