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I've heard only bad things about Hellsing. My cousin, who's taste I generally value, tells me that a lot of the secondary characters are good but that Alucard himself is basically a Gary Ste of epic proportions and has such ridiculous infallibility and plot armor that it kind of kills any tension or enjoyment.

Hearsay, I know, but while we're all tossing in our Hellsing experiences I figured I'd share.
To be fair, I can't disagree with him being overpowered to ridiculous extremities, but personally I like the fact that he does have at least an interesting vulnerability and said vulnerability makes at least some sense.

The fact that he uses consumed souls to restore himself and the fact that he has devoured a copious amount of them over his long life. But his weak point being the fact that if he releases them all in a torrent he essentially reverts back to a man.

However, I think there is kinda a superman conundrum in that... how do you give a creature that is seemingly invincible any sense of flaw or want. I think it's his bloodlust and his control/or lack thereof which makes him interesting, not the fact that he is some super vampire.

EDIT: and also his desire to be killed by a mortal