The Not-Professional league of football (soccer, not hand egg) is becoming a phenomenon between the low class population in Santiago from Chile, all this thank to one football team, The Manques. This team has showed a impressive development in the field, where they have been compared with professional football players and have raised the appreciation of the Not-Professional leagues for the people.

Now a big tournament is coming, which can be the launch for the team to a professional level, but: can the team stick together and keep being undefeated? or they are going to finally lose against their own life's?

The story is focus in the life of 4 players of the team: Felipe(pipe) Rosas, Eduardo(lalo) Pérez, Gonzalo(gonsa) Sosa and Bryan Castro, which are the pillars of the team and the ones who are going to face the biggest problems that life is going to gave them.

Gonzalo Sosa, aka. Gonsa: he is the front leader of the team, being and incredible gol (score) maker and the handsome of the group, making many womans fans to the sport. He is in a relationship with Marcos Molina, a cop, who is now demanding to make public their relationship because he doesn't want to keeping his live in secret as the way they have been doing it. Gonzalo is scare of these demands, he knows that his co-workers are homophobic and also it's the fans community, so he knows the implications in his sport career it may have if he goes out of the closet and how not doing it might kill the chance to stay with the man he love.

Bryan Castro, aka. Bryaitan: he is the porter of the team and he is damn good, but his mother suffer of alzheimer, and having no money for any kind of treatment or nurser, he is forced to nurse her himself, forcing him to lose many practices and missing his job in the construction. Now that the tournament is beginning, his presence in the field and in the practice is more needed, but he knows he can't left his mother a lone to much. Now he have to take the option to left his mother for long time, or stop being part of the team.

Eduardo Pérez, aka. Lalito: he is a defense in the team who is having problems with his brother, who he is addict to the heroine and have a big debt to his dealers. Eduardo and his brother grew up with a alcoholic father, so Eduardo feels in the need to help his brother, but his debt are becoming crazy and now the dealers are starting to black mail him for what his brother own them. Now he have to choose to keep protecting his brother or letting him in the hand of his dealers.

Felipe Rosas, aka. Pipie: He is a defense in the team who finds that his wife have been cheating on him with a younger guy. He didn't knew what to do, so he first tried to accomplish a bigger fantasy than the one his wife is living, going to get a prostitute, but at the end he just couldn't keep it, his wife has all the power on the home and he knows he doesn't have anything, and even less if they break up, so little by little, his frustration become in anger and in a plan to kill the lover of his wife, and his wife. Would he surrender under his own builded anger or is he going to be able to success against his anger and frustration.

I'm not going to do this story, because I hate football and this kind of story need a lot of energy and time to be drawn, so I'm not going to make it, but I have posted because I found it interesting, I think this kind of story which are not necessarily focused on the sport, but more in the life of the people in it, is way more rich than sport stories (also this is a mature story, so you can see a face of the social reality where people lives and make it way more rich than just teenager playing sports on school).