I've been thinking of some ideas for a story, but i don't think they're good. some are more developed than others. Also, the titles are bad. I'm trying to move away from the typical train-battle-fight-win kind of story.

1. Reassemble Empire

History-A science lab that has been testing human enhancement experiments has "let out" some of their subjects. They are lost and the company is shut down.
15 years later, a population of the enhanced humans have been discovered- calling themselves the "Core" and forming their own country. Humans see them as a threat, and band together to protect themselves. The small nation of "Core" mantains and uneasy peace with the rest of the world.
When the humans assassinate one of the top generals and, an all-out war breaks out between the two species. The general's daughter is taken by her mother, who lives in the capital of "Core".
After 10 years, the war still rages on, and the leaders of the humans invite the General's Daughter to a meeting- for peace, they say. They try to assassinate her, but she escapes.
She is discovered by a pair of techpirates, people who steal technology from the government. They now need to bring her to her home country to end the war.

Brush stroke-
In another world, calligraphers are the greatest warriors. By using magic ink, they can turn written characters into weapons. When the world tournament battles begin, a young ( and unprepared) calligrapher enters to win fame and fortune.

I don't have a name for this one-
In the future, a construction worker is contracted to build a Tower that will connect the earth to a giant space station orbiting it. Even though the job is very dangerous, he is offered a substantial salary and a bonus pay if he finishes the job. He needs the money, because his son is suffering from cancer in a hospital.

Earthbreaker- Humans have developed spacetravel technology and are fully capable of exploring unkown planets, but are reluctant to. They are forced to move out when a giant solar flare threatens to consume Earth completely. They quickly select a planet that can sustain humans and prepare to leave Earth forever. However, the flare comes early, and an emergency launch into space leaves only one ship- carrying 500 people- left to save the human race.

Yeah... they're not that good. I don't want to make something generic though. Please help reinforce the stories.