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Drinking alcohol is lame. What is the point? You WANT to get drunk off your ass? Why? It helps you relax but what does that get you? You are just more likely to fuck up now.

Smoking weed is addictive. Maybe not the way nicotine is addictive but people still become dependent upon it. I've seen plenty of people just act like they are going to have a seizure because they need a joint. Plenty of people admit that they can not go a day without it.
Drinking is okay IMO; It's the peer presure to get totally shitfaced which sucks. People will pester you to drink if you don't... Does help with job interviews, through, anyway. XD

As for weed, yeah. My best freind in high school was totally rampant on the stuff, and his brain slowed down to turtle speeds by the end of the last term. What people ingest is none of my buisness, but does weed affect your brain? Of course it friggin does. >_>

Did people land on the moon? Why is that even a conspiracy theory? You telling me they built a whole ton of these giant rockets and shot them into space infront of thousands of people, then didn't go THEN? Once you are in space it takes less fuel to get to Mars than it does to put a rocket in orbit. Orbit is the hard bit. If another person says "but what if it was just a media hoax?" to me, I'll lay asian abrasions on them. *_*