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Thread: The Ultimate Indie Game Developer Resource List

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    Great list!!
    I would like to share with you a site where you can find good graphics for games. Not free but worth a look.

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    Well done. guy.
    Here is another tool that is available.
    FLV to MOV Converter - convert video files to any type of video file, and comes with video editing fuction.
    It works both on Windows and Mac OS X.

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    I haven't added this to the list yet since it's not officially out* but for those not in the know:

    There's a new widget going to be put out the folks making the Humble Indie Bundle called Humble Store widget. As far as I know, it's still in the works but so far, it's a payment processor using Paypal, Amazon, and Google Checkout. You can purchase indie games as gifts and unlock games on Steam if your game is on there. Games using this widget must be DRM free and cross platform. There's no official page for this so I'll just link to this Indie Game Mag article though you can probably dig up more with a search.

    * It seems to be in use by indies who are personally asked by the Humble Store makers.

    On another note, I'm considering taking down all Digital River payment processors as it seems that they have changed their plans in a way that isn't really advantageous for indie dev's to use. Digital River processors include RegNow, SWREG, esellerate, BlueSnap (once was Plimus), etc. I'll take a look at their plans and make a decision about it. If you guys have any info for or against them, do leave a reply.

    Also, if you guys have any news or insight I should know in regards to making this list better, comments are always welcome. Thanks!

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    On my journey through the Internets I have come across a number of free Image and Paint programs and I thought they would be useful hereALL WINDOWS although some may have Linux versions as well)
    (ALL FREE)
    Photofiltre: (has free and commercial versions)
    The one I use the most. Think of it as a grown up version of MS Paint. Has lots of features but is lightweight. Supports simple layers.

    If you love to use brushes and painting and little else this maybe for you. Its features many brush types has a very nice minimalist user interface and you will love painting on it!

    Deep Paint (58MB)
    A commercial program that changed to freeware. Apparently this program couldn't compete with Corel Painter. IT can be thought of as a more powerful version of My Paint listed above.
    Here is a review for Deep Paint:Great for digital painters and illustrators alike. Great features, easy-to-use, very bright and innovative. Thanks a lot!

    Chasy Draw IES (17.4MB)'
    Another great program, but has too many features to talk about so just check it out.

    Alchemy (requires JAVA)
    Alchemy is very special because its creators want it to be used to help inspire ideas. While you control the program the image ideas that may come out are far from predictable. You can even use a microphone to help create artwork!

    Livebrush (Free version,email addres required, requires Adobe Air, commercial version available)
    Another rather special program to create artwork. The brush is affected by how fast you paint and some of the effects are truly amazing.

    Don't forget my site:

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