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Thread: Weird habits and possible OCD thread

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    I chew on my left thumb when I'm at work whether it be drawing or working on my photographs..except when I'm in the darkroom. Chewing a thumb that has some developer or rapid fix on it tastes like crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaunG View Post
    -i can't listen to what someone says completely, i'll ignore some parts no matter how important it is.
    Haha I do that too. Wow, salad with ketchup sounds...interesting? XD

    I'm scared of like everything, but something really weird I'm scared of is meerkats. They just make me feel really uncomfortable and anxious. My friends find this hilarious. >_>

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    Yup, salad with ketchup really tastes.... interesting!

    is it the eyes? or the neck?


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