Cool Looking for Someone to help with My Manga - Fallen!!!

I don't have a tablet...but do photoshop and manga studio.......and i find it really hard to draw with the mouse....I searching for someone who wants to help[ me out(also) with the storyline,art,and making the manga......Its my first manga....I just need some starting help until i can get a tablet(soon)....So anyone????

I need an experienced person who has a tablet and does a certain style of manga/anime art i can develop the characters looks...etc

anyways,just reply to this or email if u agree
and ill send you the storyline and what i have planned so far.......when i send it to u,U can edit it so it would be better(concerning popularity) and add forth and send it back so i can look at would also be helpful if u had a deviant art,so i can see the art pieces you have done.....
This anime will be really good......and with another persons help it can be even say it gets popular and it starts doing good(money wise) it'll be

50 - Me
30 - you
20 - other helpers(2)