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Thread: Wacom Tablets?

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    Wacom Tablets?

    Hi, I'm quite new to this drawing - I enjoy pencil sketching, but have recently wanted to learn how to scan in my pencil drawings and ink them digitally, as well as learning color. I am struggling with the use of the Bamboo Wacom tablet, as it is not directly drawing on the page, as a sketchbook. I have seen tablet computers such as the HP TM2 and the big Wacom Cintiq tablet - would these be more advisable in use as it is similar to drawing naturally straight onto it? For someone who is learning. I also do not know whether the HP or Cintiq would be considered better for my use. Thanks

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    I don't know about the HP but Cintiqs can be pretty incredible if you can afford them. Getting the hang of not looking at what your hand is doing and what's happening with things like Bamboos and Intuos' is just a matter of patience and practice though.

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    Preparing the laser beam, we're gonna use it tonight.
    Don't get a cintique unless you have money to blow and really wanna go pro. [Rhyme intended, yo]
    Get a Bamboo Pen model, it has a lot of flow. Easy to take on the go. Draws the same: Cintique or Bamboo, nobody'll know.

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    Go for Wacom Bamboo, you can't go wrong with Wacom, and Bamboo is one of the cheapest Wacom tablet. There are two sizes, small and medium. If I'm not mistaken, it's about US$160-180 (price may vary depending on your country). If you are serious about digital art, I recommend Bamboo Fun series (there's is several other Bamboo series, like the gimmicky Bamboo Touch, but I'm not recommend it). Bamboo is cheap enough so that if one day you regret buying it, you could throw it away without much guilty... but the spec is good enough even if you're going pro with it.

    If you have enough money, perhaps you'll want to consider buying Wacom Intuos (the latest in the series is Intuos 4). There are three sizes if I'm not mistaken... This is more expensive than Bamboo, but this is truly intended for professional use. It supports rotation, tilting, comes with air brush and other "head", high pressure sensitivity (some even claim the pen is too sensitive).

    Don't buy Cintiq if you're a beginner and still don't know much about tablet. It's simply TOO EXPENSIVE. Yes, it's all in caps. The price could be up to US$4000.

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    Wow, for a beginner, you're already considering getting a Cintiq? Let me tell you one thing: The tools will not make you a better artist. Stick to your Bamboo and learn how to use it. There's always a learning curve before you get the hang of it. Don't be afraid to use the Zoom feature of your graphic software, and don't do broad sweeping strokes unless you are intentionally drawing off the screen/canvas. Small movements work best on Bamboo's. Practice. That's all there is to it.


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