I hope they make another anime to continue Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. The first season and most of season 2 went by the manga plotline, then diverging after the Library Arc. Then there was the lovely OVAs that told what REALLY happened after the Library arc, Tokyo Revelations and Spring Thunder, sadly skipping Infinity and Celes (they NEED to make an OVA series of those arcs!). I think they need to make a new TRC series of the Clow Arc, as that's the story's climax. I think you could seriously make a short 1 season (12 episodes) series of that arc alone, since it is probably THE LONGEST arc of the series.

It's just a wish, but I hope they do! The manga was good, but it'd be amazing to see it in animated form. The battle scenes were like....EPIC! Especially in Volume 26.