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Thread: Games you want to see sequels or remakes of

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    Preparing the laser beam, we're gonna use it tonight.

    Games you want to see sequels or remakes of

    I'll wait for those certain people to get here saying "BAWWW YOUR OPINIONS AREN'T MY OPINIONS, YOUR GAME CHOICES SUCK, HOW CAN YOU LIKE THOSE!?." But I'll have you know, you have all the rights in the world to kiss my arse and keep it moving. Now on to the topic.

    So what games would you guys like to see remade, or a sequel of?
    I'll start off.

    Dark Void - Remade:
    It worked, and I liked the game actually. Can't say the same about a lot of people, but it was just epic to me. Loved the art style. But it could have definitely been polished a bit more. At times, it was indeed just a Gears-lite. I just can't help that I like the main character either, no matter how bad and cliche he is. And combat from any direction, even arial whenever you feel like it? +1

    Jet Force Gemini - Remade:
    Well...for the guys who've played this little gem back on the N64, you'd know that
    SPOILER! :
    There can't be a sequel because they basically shut all that off. There was no evil tyrant Myzar, instead, the giant bug was just a fking robot controlled by one of the tribal dudes jealous brothers, Jeff or some shit...hell if I remember. Either way, Floyd sacrificed himself. The dog, the sister, the brother, they all got honors, happily ever after :C.

    But I'd really love it if somebody dug this up and brought it to the future. It was a great game for its time. And the little two player feature snuck in with the ability for a second player to control Floyd was awesome. Not to mention the mini-games found at random lol.
    It was like a mix of everything righteous at the time, I'd love to play it again but it wouldn't be the same emulating it.
    So Rare, if there's still part of you left, if you can hear me! Bring JFG back one day!

    EarthBound (aka Mother2 for the Japanese version) - Rema- nvm
    Scratch this. EB was/is a masterpiece as is. I have a feeling if they brought this game back to life it'd just look like the new Pokemon games. Oh, and fuk you Pokey...or was Pokey actually Giygas? Ah fuck whatever. I turned myself into a robot because of you, are you happy!?

    Bloody Roar II - Remade
    I sorta hate how the later BL games sorta threw away some of my favorite characters from the first and second one. But eh, the series is epic either way. I really just want another one lol.
    I kinda feel that the newer ones are slower compared to the first few though. It's like MK3 vs MK4: I could bitchslap someone 5 million times over in MK3 while it takes you a lightyear to get one kick out in MK4.
    Bakuryu ftw *both the old and young versions*.

    Doom 3 - Sequel
    What the hell is Id doing!? I mean I know I know. Rage is looking kickass, but seriously. You could've used that time making the turbo-lame Quake Wars building on Doom4 and actually giving us Doom fans some hope.
    Or maybe you're just pulling a Duke...yea, that must be it.
    Guess I can wait 13 more years.

    Galactic Attack (aka RayForce aka Gunlock aka Layer Section aka blahblahblah BLAH) - remake or sequel
    Remember playing this on my trusty Sega Saturn (almost the best console ever made in my books) when me and my little bro were actually brotherly. It was just a fking rip playing 2P, and just as good 1P. Back then I was amazed by the amount of detail thrown into this stuff, and it influenced my art a lot from a mechanical standpoint.
    The gameplay was simple, sorta like every other arcade shmup, but there was just something special about this one.
    I doubt it'll ever resurface the same way. I think there WAS a sequel made titled RayStorm (or Layer Section II), but the history of this game is kinda fking confusing with all the name changes. Anyway. I love it.
    Internet...find it for me.
    Developers, ignore the wannabe sequel and remake this version plox.
    edit: Multi-lockon missiles, need I say moar.

    Take it away guys! *points to a bald guy with super small glasses*
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    Nostalgia aside, mother 3 was better than earthbound imo. I don't mean that lightly since earthbound is my favorite game of all time. I have a feeling if they did remake it and itoi was involved, it would be totally different considering how much he has changed as a person.

    Anyway this is going to sound insane but I'd like a remake of final fantasy 10 or at least a super touched up version. Fix not being able to control the camera, get rid of stupid gameplay bullshit like winning chocobo races to unlock ultimate weapons and getting one shotted during ambushes and then fill in all the plot holes.

    Also a new rival schools would be neat.

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    A game I really like and having a sequel to it i'd LUV is MorningStar-a point-and-click adventure game on daz internet that had a peprfect storyline and was really interesting. I'd love a sequel, either about the people in another situation, or a return to the strange desert planet.

    I'd also like another game where you draw your own character on the ds, another sequel to the drawn to life series. I hated the second one but I loved the first one because it was simply amazing.

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    Rather than remaking or sequel, Mother series only need localization...

    Game that I want a remake and/or sequel:
    1. Terranigma (an under-appreciated real gem that left behind to dead.)
    2. Virtual On (the "real" latest VON in the series is Oratoria Tangram, the rest is just a plain crap...)
    3. Gunstar Heroes (same case with VON. Gunstar Super Heroes is crap. If they can't make a proper sequel, then just remake the first original game.)
    4. Chrono Trigger (no Chrono Cross, please. I need a true successor of CT. Or at least remake it, not just porting it).

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    GOD HAND, the single most enjoyable game ever made.
    I hope they don't scrap the current attempt at a release of Duke Nukem Forever. I want them to actually release it because I loved the first two when I was way too young to be playing them, though I hope people can get over the spanking multiplayer mode and the feces prop.
    Big rigs. I'd love to see what people would say if they came out with a sequel which was one of the best driving games ever made or something like that.

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    Jubeh@ Rival School remake/sequel ftw.

    Lvuer@ There is already a remake of Chrono Trigger (and there is not one of Chrono Cross). And please don't ask for a sequel, in this couldn't work.

    I would go for:

    - Bayonetta. There are things I hate of the game, but I love how they try to take the beat'm up to a next leve. Bayonetta was a experiment, so obviously a sequel/prequel or a game with this same new game play mechanic would kick ass.

    - Toy Story games. I want a remake of all the Toy Story games.

    - Diddy Kong Racing. I don't want it for DS.

    - Gex.

    - Earthworm Jim. Oh yeah.

    - Zombies Ate My Neighbors. With all the milking of zombies adds on, why not this?

    - Kirby Super Star. One of the games I have most enjoyed in my life.

    - Chrono Cross. Yeah I like it Lvuer, and It deserve a big chance.

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    I'd love to see Pokemon with an active battle system or Touhou as an RPG with graphics as good as the fanart.

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    Oh yeah, and Clay Fighter

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    Go Away, China.
    I remember Clay Fighter, Jet Force Gemini, Earthworm Jim and Gex like the rest of them!! They were the best games I ever played when I was a kid! I'm usually against remakes of games but my personal exception would be the N64 Goldeneye. Not Goldeneye: Rouge Agent, not any other 007 game, just 007 Goldeneye.

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    I want Shenmue Sequels.
    And they remade Goldeneye.


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