3D Anime / Manga Art Hobby

Anyone into 3D or interested in getting into it for anime / manga art hobby? 2D still number one, and 3D is hard and technical, but I found this program after using Maya and Max for while, and for the artist types I simply like it the best. The creators are German based, and the interface is similar to Maya, but the controls are better in my opinion, easier to see and do stuff. Also 3D programs are really expensive, yeah, like 4k, yikes! (and cheapie ones suck) but, Cinema 4D has an entry level option for the person starting out so you donít have to sell the car to find out if you have what it takes, then you can always upgrade. In fact all I have used is the base version up until now, which cost about $800, and you can still get it, in fact latest for $745, and there is a ton to learn and do. I like it a lot better than Maya which starts at $3,500, ouch! Because overall control is better, easier workflow, and the renderer is way better, and faster! A lot of people donít know about it because Maya and Max are the American industry leaders, and there is a much wider base of users for multiple reasons not necessarily because it is better, but, like Windows compared to Apple you have a much wider range of programmers and extra add-ons and stuff. That said if you like something that is really fun and nice to use, download a demo from Maxon-dot-net and check it out (Mac and PC).

Anywho, whatever program you use the principals are the same, and so if anyone is interested in sharing stuff, tutorials, or maybe having a section if that hot chick is cool with it, or stuff drop me a line... - animerick at fb...