Hi all, cool site! My name is Rick and I am a long time fan and sketcher of manga and anime, mostly for hobby, but I do a few pro jobs sometimes. I am most noticed for my vector work, and I made a how-to CD that got internationally published in ImagineFX Magazine, and I also want to do a lot more, especially with the exiting and really hard world of 3D. If anyone is interested I might post links from my site to tutorials or make them just for this site, so please feel free to hit me up!

Okay about me, well I hale from ye old town of Sin City, (Basin if you close) Los Angeles, and I’m just a simple dude who loves anime, especially mech or other high tech stuff, (Macross my #1!), but also really cool intelligent anime, huge fan of Fate Stay Knight, and I really love MyHime, and old school stuff like Bubblegum Crisis, DNA2, Video Girl, and lately Gundam 00 (I never digged it before) and everything from Masamune Shirow (Appleseed, Ghost in the Shell), and really love Claymore, so cool, and lots of other stuff. I like to go down to Little Tokyo to Japanese book market and coffee shop, and pay big buck for mags I cannot read, but I love the art so much, especially drawing production art.

I like drawing chicks, ships, mecha, architecture, and lots more, and right now I am making 3 3D things: a battleship, a battloid (or mech), and finishing my girl character to use like a high quality Poser model for fashion and stuff, and maybe some animation, but I like design mostly gets me juiced. Okay cheers!