I'd like to know what people think of this idea and if it's been done before.

Here's the premise: take chibi characters, and their exaggerated physics and emotions, and make them literal.

That's probably confusing so I'll explain: The setting would be sci-fi/fantasy. A species, probably humans to keep it simply, are in danger. They are too weak to defeat the threat, and after exhausting all of their resources, they turn to a to-be-named world populated by chibi characters. As in, literally chibi-shaped aliens. The joke (if you don't already get it) is that oftentimes manga/anime will draw a character chibi for a second for artistic purposes, to convey emotion/humor. In this manga, though, they would actually be chibi-shaped characters.

The traits for this "species" include near invincibility (since they're cartoons) and a variety of superpowers which depend on their mood and emotions (crushing fangs when angry, water spouts when crying) playing off the chibi's tendency to literally act out their feelings. They also have a certain code of conduct, which includes never to fight unless attacked.

This is all I have so far but I feel like I could take this in many directions. As an added bonus, I get to learn to draw chibi-style! Plus it would be packed with humor. I'm open to all feedback, suggestions, and criticism.