I decided to start a writing thread. This is mostly humorous, and maybe something serious every once in a while. I'll just post up the stuff I wrote up during computer class.
The first two are sort of sexual. Just letting you know. Lol.
Remember the party last night?
I awoke in a strange room. It took me a few seconds to realize I was in a hotel room. Groggily I went to the bathroom. I peered through my slit eyes. My dark skin looked paler than usual. I could barely remember last night. I struggle to remember. I was at a rave last night. I was with her- no him, all of last night. Three people already had been with him before. Wet and used I put it on. I had no idea where it came from, but the important think was that it worked. I try to blow some life into him; he is limp, like a rag. Soon he comes too;
"Damn man, what happened", asked the stranger. "I think you stopped breathing. Your friends told me you had been smoking pot and drinking a lot tonight. You're lucky I'm a med student." I take off the pocket mask. His friends and I had taken turns trying to bring him back. He looks lost and dazed, even higher than before. "Well uh, thanks I guess." He walks away like nothing happened.
Staring bleakly into the mirror, I know that in my future years as a doctor, I might not ever find a patient as apathetic as him.

Man Handeled
His soft hands pick me up and slowly undo my buttons. He is young, and I have been in the business too long. His superiors, whom he lovingly calls Ma, and Pa, are not around. He opens me up and looks inside, taking me apart piece by piece, slowly inspecting every part of me. When he is done, he realizes his mistake, and he can’t put me back together. I want to cry, but instead he does it for me. Soon his wailing brings in one of his superiors.
“Tommy, what are you doing with the remote? Give it to me now!”
Sad and confused, the two year old relinquishes me to his superior, and I get to live another day.

Army of One
I knew this day would come. I saw my comrades, every day being sloppily used. Unfeeling, using us every day, our master sends us to battle. I knew my time was coming. I can hear the gears turning, the sound of others who have died before me, the smell of ink overwhelming. I start to prepare for the worst when the unexpected happens;
“Damn, the shredder is jammed again.” He leaves to find some scissors.
Thankfully, I have been spared, but not for long. Soon he returns with my long time nemesis, the scissors. This time, I know I cannot escape my fate. He opens the window nearby and begins his work on cleaning out the shredder. I look for a way to escape but I know this time my fate is inescapable. Soon wind flows into the room and me and my comrades break free. “Free! Free at last!” We all scream for joy, as his stupid mistake leads to our freedom through the window. Gracefully I fall down the ten-story apartment building. I land in a puddle and slowly die.

This isn't gay at all. Really. Trust me.
Coming Out
Her laugh broke the silence. “You’re joking, right?” “No, I’m totally serious here” I said. “Is it really that hard to believe?” Martha stared at me for a while. “Dan put you up to this didn’t he?” “I know how him and George always bul-
“It’s not them. I just woke up this morning and decided to tell you.” I interrupted her. Martha hates being interrupted. And being told she’s wrong.
“I know you can be a feminine sort of boy Charlie, but I know you’re better than this. I know this is some kind of phase, and that it will pass. You’ll get older and you’ll wonder why you did all this and laugh at yourself”
“Mom,” I said. She knows I’m serious when I call her mom. I’ve always called her Martha, even as a small child. “I want to express myself and I feel telling you, is the first step to everything. Besides, you would learn about it sooner or later.”
“I know the first step to everything is getting you some help. First it’s this and then before you know it you’re taking drugs and sleeping with anything that moves.”
I sigh. There’s no way I’m going to get her to understand. “Let’s talk about this later, okay? I’m going to be late for the bus. Bye Martha”
I pick up my bag and leave, and she gives me a hug. “Ok we’ll talk about this later. Have a good day at school okay?” I smiled. “Okay.”
At the bus stop I told Dan and George how it went down. “Dude, she totally overreacted”, said Dan. “Yeah I know man; my mom wasn’t that surprised either when I told her. Said she did the same when she was my age”, agreed George. “Yeah, I didn’t think she’d be that worked up over me getting a tattoo. You should have seen her when I got my ear pierced”.