I think you should try to draw bodies and learn anatomy before you add the clothes. I'd like to see some unclothed figures (http://www.posemaniacs.com/) of yours because the clothes you draw seem to add weird bulges but I really don't know if they're the clothing or your attempt at human muscles.

There are a lot of errors in each picture, so I'm going to give some basic anatomy tips:
1. Average humans are about 7 heads tall (your's are like 9-10)
2. Your upper bodies are way too long. The upper body (above crotch with head included) is about the same length as the lower body (may vary a LITTLE bit depends on the body shape)
3. The wrist will be level with the crotch.
4. The upper arm is shorter than the lower arm with the elbow usually slightly above or at the waist.
5. Eyes are halfway down the head and an eye's length apart from each other. Also, depending on the perspective, eyes may vary in width, but they'll ALWAY be the same height as eachother.
6. Hands are as big as the face. Feet are as long as your lower arm.

Hopefully these tips will help.

A couple things to add about the first drawing: her shoulders and chest are extremely wide compared to her head. One eye is lower than the other. Her wrists are TINY, along with the hands. Her heads a little wide compared to her face.