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Thread: I have a weird relationship with anime (blog-ish post)

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    I'm surprised that you're surprised. It's the internet. Here, it's even a crime to care about something, get upset, or be vehement or passionate about something. They call that "getting trolled", "raging", "QQ" and a slew of other things to make an otherwise completely natural response seem unnatural and unwarranted. Like I said, people love to villainize completely normal things yet there are far worse things which are either applauded or ignored (like being a general dick). If you ignore them, you have to suck it up and pretend you don't care, despite how much it bothers you. You basically lie to yourself for appearances' sake. If you acknowledge them, you "get trolled". It's like a win-win setup not in your favor. It's kinda fk'd up.
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