I watch anime a lot but that's only because I'm grounded from the computer so I have nothing better to do than watch shit on Funimation Channel and Netflix Instant Queue. I'm probably a die-hard anime fan, but I don't wear it on my shirt. You'd probably never guess I was into anime from a normal conversation with me or by looking at me, because I don't inject anime into everything. You see a lot of fans (I'm not going to say weeaboos, but weeaboos) who wear stupid kawaii anime hats and dumb T-Shirts that say Getsuga Teshou on them or get some moe-chan desu nee socks and eat Pocky and drink Ramune all the fucking time. There are lots of anime fans who aren't total dumbasses, Fenn, you just gotta believe and search for them. You make a new friend. Ask him if he's into anime after getting to know him pretty well. If he likes it you have another fan-friend. If he doesn't, no harm no foul.