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Thread: Free Animation Programs (Sticky?)

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    Free Animation Programs (Sticky?)

    Here are some free animation programs for people to use, if you know of a good one, post it below or PM me and I will update this message, credit will be given.



    Pap4 -Nisaren-

    Pencil-animation -PWhit-
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    Cool list. I'll sticky it once there are more links.

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    Preparing the laser beam, we're gonna use it tonight.

    Very simple and easy to use. 1.9.9 is the latest.

    Oh snap I didn't see you already added it....nvm
    But that link is 1.9.8 btw.

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    Thanks a lot for all the great animations! I wish that I could make cool animations like this, but my computer can't really handle the applications. I am thinking that I will be buying a new one pretty soon to remedy this situation. Maybe I will see what kind of deals there will be on hhgregg black friday. I have never actually been to the store, but I have heard that they sell computers and stuff. Wish me luck!
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