Diary of Muthkat Asteshgamil

The trek from the mountain homes was a long one.. We started out with a full 20 dwarves and a spore of a lot of food an' booze. How did it all start? I suppose you could say we had a clan-wide fey mood. Of course, people came because of talk, and talk is cheap. That being so, many, in fact most of the dwarves left, and took the supplies with them, the basterds.
7 of us remained though, and we will build this place, SilverAbby, now not only because we are sick of the mountain homes, but also to show all those who left, the yellow bellies, and to show the nobles how a REAL fortress should be run, by Armoks beard, we will strike the earth!

Now that we are finally here, I shall take stock of what supplies and animals we have, then myself and Kel shall have to dig out a place in this mountain for us to stay in. .. That "sun" is making me nervous, quite a few times it has dipped "oh" so close to the floor, threatening to burn us all!!

40 Units of meat.
60 barrels of drink.
16 Plump helmet spawn.
5 Pigtail-Sweetpod-dimplecup and cave wheat seeds.
2 Copper Picks.
1 Wooden axe.
5 Pig Tail Fibre Cloths.
5 Gypsum Plaster.
1 Bucket.
3 Cave spider Silk ropes.
9 Lumps of Bituminous Coal.

2 Dogs
2 Cats
and 2 llama's

And they are all breeding pairs! Soon we shall have an army of llama's mwuahahaha!

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