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    If you don't know what dwarf fortress is, go here... NOW

    Hi all! I really enjoy this neat little game called dwarf fortress. One thing I have always wanted to do (that I have seen many others do) is Join a succession game. Now today I though, instead of joining a game.. I'll MAKE one! SOOO, here I am setting up a succession game.
    The version I/we will be using is 31_21.
    Players and forumites may claim dwarves if they wish. (I will be claiming one, certainly).
    Anyways... Hopefully we get some players here!!

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    Urist Wayne cancels mourn parents: Becoming the night.

    Do you like big boobs? Dragons? Ninja? Martial arts? Wizards? Then click here and make all your wildest dreams come true!!

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    So you joinin then? 'coz if you don't Armok will burn you.

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    Do you mind the fortress suffering a horrible consequences when it's my turn? I am decidedly terrible at DF, no matter how much I love it. If you don't mind cleaning up my failure, hell yes.

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    dwaaaa- Urist mcRabbidHare cancels warcry. Reason: Died from being awsome.

    Oh sure! No problem there. Tomorrow I will be opening up an IC thread for the fortress. I'll play for an IG year before passing it on to you, then you can pass it on to the next vict-er overseer. or me, if no one else joins.

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    Sorry about th double post!

    But here is the thread!

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    Should probably add screenshots to the updates.

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    Gwa. I get really, really addicted to this thingy... It's like a brilliant game trapped in a horrible game's body!

    Hopefully that also explains whilst I'm not joining the succession game just yet. >_>

    While we are on the subject, anyway, what's the most epic thing people have ever had happen to their fortress? Mine was probally this one dwarf called "Ast Lashsect"... Every other living thing in the fortress died due to a tantrum spiral, and he never once changed his mood from "quite contented", even when their undead forms began to walk the halls again. Ast was the most chilled dwarf in existance, man. XD

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    I think the best thing to happen in one of my forts was when I sent out 4 captains against a siege to defend medorfs son since for some reason his mother decided to leave the fort during a siege. They all died but the fight was awesome and they killed most of the goblins off.

    I also had a fort called Wetdreams which was another high point in my Dorf fortress career.


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