This is Basically a humor tutorial. I want to post this on dA but I want your opinion first. You don't have to read all of it, it's pretty long. This doesn't apply just to Manga, but writing in general. I don't write much.. so here it goes...
100Tips for Writing Cheat Sheet. Also what to avoid so you donít look like a total idiot.
1. Murphyís Law: What can go wrong, does go wrong. If something wrong is possible of happening MAKE IT HAPPEN. Shit happens. This can keep the story going. Example: You are on a rollercoaster. It stops while it is on the upside down loop. You die and no one finds the body.
2. Impressive failure: Problem->Solution->Problem. Just like normal humans, characters fail, win, and fail even more. This is a great way for an audience to give sympathy and connect with the character. Example: Life in General
3. Remember this: Suspense can only happen when the Reader DOESN'T know what will happen next. Whatís the use of reading the story when you already know whatís going to happen.

4. Deus Ex Machina
This is when the writer is totally stuck or has done something insanely stupid and doesnít know how to fix it. So they come up with something to fix the situation. Example: In Naruto, Sasuke pulls off a No One Could Survive That by summoning, mind-controlling, and teleporting a massive snake when he's completely out of chakra. Said technique is difficult because of the huge amount of chakra required.
a. Not to mention he pulled this all off in the time it took for an explosion that would completely level a city to reach him. After the explosion had already started. When it started just a few feet from him. Great Snake Escape, indeed.
b. Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. Seriously, the whole ENTIRE BOOK SERIES.
"This particular blunder is known as deus ex machina, which is French for 'Are you fucking kidding me?-ďHow NOT to Write a NovelĒ
5. Check your freaking grammar. Wonít take more than 5 minutes.
7. Mary Sue, Gary Stu, Mystery Stew. Just please, avoid it at all costs.Ē A Mary Sue is a female character that is so perfect that she is annoying. The name originated in a very short Star Trek story that mocked the sort of female characters who showed up in fanfiction. It usually refers to original female characters put into fanfiction, but can refer to any character. The male equivalent is Gary StuĒ. Ė Urban Dictionary
8. You are not original. A vast majority of ideas stem from other ideas. A story should try to have originality in it but remember, a story is driven by conflict and characters, and not IíM ORIGINAL CUZ MY CHARACTER CAN FLY AND SEE IN THE DARK. YAAAY!
9. Read a book older than yourself, and a real challenge, your parents.
10. Donít get criticism, get GOOD criticism. Ask everyone, even your freaking cat/goldfish/turtle/imaginary friend. If you only ask your peers or parents or a specific group you will get biased feedback.
11. Sit down and write. If you canít write about what youíve been working on then just make a list of random words. This is assuming you actually remembered or cared to bring a pencil to school for once.
12. The internet. The only person who has not heard of this must be deaf or live in a third world country. But even in a third world country they use cell phones. Use the internet if youíre stuck or need help.
13. Read your story out loud to yourself. I know, itís embarrassing, but what doesnít kill you makes you stronger, and maybe more paranoid.
14. The Amazing Bastard: A Bad guy that actually wins. Those are real, now write about it.
15. Write about what you know and care about. If you donít know about anything it look at #13, the Internet. If you donít care about anything get some therapy
16. Stay organized. I keep all my drawings/writings in a laundry basket. When I have a writers/artists block or total brain fart I use whateverís in the basket.
17. SAVE EVERYTHING. Mom keeps that kindergarten picture that you drew for a reason.
18. Google.
19. Buy a Dictionary/Thesaurus. There are mini ones that cost literally fewer than 3 dollars. If not, then download a spell check app or something on your cell phone.
20. Please donít bore yourself/me/us/the world. If you donít like what youíre writing, chances are that maybe someone else doesnít and youíd be better off watching reruns of Family Guy.
21. WHY ARE YOU SO EMOTIONAL OH MY GAWD. JUST STOP BEING SO EMOTIONAL. Over emotional writing sucks, so do over emotional characters, and characters without emotion
22. TAKE IT LIKE A MAN. Sometimes the advice you may get on your writing will HURT, but you need to stop and think about what the person is saying is right/wrong/justified or just plain stupid
23. Sentence structure. As Americans our grammar sucks more than a vacuum cleaner. Make sure you donít sound repetitive or unintelligent. Thatís why you should read your story out loud.
24. The Gay Person: If you will have a gay person in any story please do not make it a stereotypical gay person. Everyone is different.
25. Men and women talk and act differently. Itís amazing we donít breathe differently either. Try to take that into account when writing a story. Example: Men try to solve problems, women try to talk about them
26. Lack of detail is very bad for a story. So is too much detail. We want to know what the main characterís room looks like but we donít want to know what color their underpants are.
27. Remember this: The more characters, the longer the story. If you wrote about some guy in Chapter 11 who got stuck in a well and itís now Chapter 24 youíre going to have to get him out somehow.
28. Using foreshadowing is ok. The reader doesnít want to know whatís going to ha ppen; they want to figure it out on their own. Just donít tell them too much
29. Unnecessary words are unnecessary.
30. Plot arc: The events that happen that involve the characters. Character arc: the emotions the character goes through while going through the plot arc
31. Write quick and dirty. WHO NEEDS PLANNING? Do this when stuck and revise later.
32. The Middle is always the hardest part of a story. Come up with ten different ways the story could go and then choose one. Be careful, you might just end up in a Deus Ex Machina, #4 so plan carefully!
33. Whining is for babies and people who make horrible excuses. If you donít like where you are at with your writing, work harder.
34. Donít go in over your head. Make planning simple. A story has a beginning, middle, and end. To start your story you need at least an idea for a beginning and an end. The Vikings are a great example!
a. Rape, Pillage, Kill
b. He came, he saw, he conquered
c. Eat, Sleep, Be Merry
d. Wake up, survive the day, go back to sleep
35. ANGST. Itís what runs stories and many teenage minds. It can be great in a story but use wisely.
36. Ask questions. For the daring ask smart questions. Like Why, When, Who, What, WHAT IF? This can help you think more in the story and help the reader think.
37. People fall in love and fall off chairs. Characters donít always fall in love in the beginning of a story, or the middle of a story.
38. If you donít know what a word means then maybe your reader wonít. If Google mistakes the word youíre trying to define as a type of fruit then you shouldnít use that word.
39. Always keep a pencil or a sheet of paper with you. Even if you wonít write on it you can use it as a tissue.
40. Just like there are many types of gum stuck under the desks in school there are many types of people. They conflict and they get along. Even the Bible is chock full of fighting and blood. Write about it.
41. Please, do the world a favor and help decline the amount of books about teenagers doing teenage things. Please, Iím sure future librarians will thank you.
42. HAVE FUN. 
43. A story literally needs only 3 people to get started. The Ally, the Protagonist, and the Antagonist. Maybe just two, the Protagonist and Antagonist.
44. MY STORY WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. You know what changes the world too? Natural disasters. Iím not saying you canít become the next Shakespeare, just think realistically.
45. ďI like to eat fishĒ, she chirped. People donít chirp they are not baby chickens. Use the word said.
46. MY GOAL IN LIFE IS TO BECOME HOKAGE! BELIEVE IT! Yeah, and then what happens after? Be careful if the main character has a ďlife goalĒ. The story can easily go off track, go on forever or become too short this way.
47. People have accents. How else do foreigners get arrested so easily? Put it in the story.
48. That Seriously Didnít Just Happen, Right? Something horrible can happen suddenly when it seems too calm or when itís already horrible enough. Example: Darth Vader as Luke Skywalkerís father.
49. Your parent(s) donít just collect books they collect taxes. People have money problems in life, make it happen!
50. Misunderstandings.
51. Sex Ėscenes. Unless youíre writing another dirty girl novel you can buy at CVS for 5 bucks, keep those to a minimum.
52. Parental Advisory: I have noticed that when people make stories with the main character as a teenager, sometimes the parents have as much role in their lives as a spoon.
53. Based On a True Story: Oh please not another one! This is not The Lifetime Movie Network
54. LYING IS OK, AS LONG AS YOU DONíT GET CAUGHT. People lie. Characters lie. Blankets lie on the floor. Use lying to trip up your reader.
55. Know your audience. If youíre making a story for a group of 3rd graders donít use words like cornea. If youíre writing a poem for grandmothers in a nursing home donít use the word assisted living.
56. Coincidences are great plot devices. There is nothing wrong with using them, just donít make them as common as your log-ins to Facebook.
57. If you want an awesome idea of what NOT to write and what NOT to put into a story Google My Immortal. You could also Google Worst Fanfic Ever and get the same thing. Iím not even joking. This story is famous for how horrible it is and should be seen as humor, not dark fantasy. The strange thing is the author was 100% serious about writing this story. Now thatís just scary.
58. THE FATE OF THE UNIVERSE IS IN YOUR HANDS. I am seeing this type of plot more often recently. Fantasy is a very cool genre, but the prophecy thing is quite hard to maintain. If this keeps up the fate of the universe should be in my hands as often as a remote control.
59. There are many types of Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, It never ends! It shouldnít be hard to find a starting topic.
60. The definition of plot is not Ďstuff happens, end of storyí. Your plot is the meat of the story. If the meat tastes bad, no one is going to eat it. Re write your plot until it tastes good!
61. Go back to English class and reread all the literary elements. If you donít know what that means then pay attention during class
62. Types of Conflicts: man vs. man, man vs. self, man vs. nature, man vs. machine, man vs. god, god vs. everyone.
63. Someone dies.
64. Go on the internet and steal a story from some random person on some random website. (Plagiarism is not cool. Donít be stupid)
65. Borrowing without asking: Iím not saying steal, Iím saying borrow. Really. Watch a movie and choose a character you like. Keep on changing it until it is a completely different person. Great for character creation practice.
66. Sometimes stereotypes are ok. Donít use them a lot though. Example: The Friend Next Door
67. Where The Hell Are We, Anyway? Keep track of the setting and time line in a story. You canít enter at Mc Donaldís in the afternoon, order some food, and then next say youíre leaving a bank at night
68. Take a normal event in life and make it extraordinary
69. Revise your writing. You donít want to a horrible repeat of looking stupid in the middle of a presentation, right?
70. Choose a controversial topic
71. Survival Kit: Music, paper, pen, pencil, a drink, and some quiet time.
72. Take someone you hate and turn them into a character. The catch is, they canít die in the story.
73. Read books for writing tips. Iím sure professionals know a lot more than I do, and with less sarcasm too
74. Everybody makes mistakes. Donít beat yourself over a bad story, and just keep trying.
75. Join an online community. You can get more feedback on your writing and learn a lot more things than ever before
76. Main character dies. Who needs happy endings anyway?
77. Does he like RAINBOWS? Your main character has quirks, likes, and dislikes. Donít overuse them and donít suddenly toss them out the window.
78. The Kid Next Door: Donít mention minor character unless you have to or they will make some kind of appearance.
79. F!CK YOU! Cussing is just a stupid shortcut for jack@sses that canít f!cking expresses themselves. Use it when your characters are EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED. Just not all the time. Thatís just weird.
80. Shorter sentences are easier to understand.
81. Write the title at the end of the story. Keep a list of names while writing the draft.
82. Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, write one draft.
83. I Feel like Iíve Read This Somewhere Before.  Donít ever let this happen to your reader.
84. Main Points of Plot: The Beginning, the Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, the End.
85. When bad stuff happens, people get through it somehow. The Five Stages of Grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance
86. Your character has needs. So does your girlfriend, but thatís a different story.

87. What keeps an action story interesting? THE EXPLOSIONS OF COURSE! Keep the story moving, if itís going too slow, shake things up a bit.

88. Goals. People have them and so do soccer fields. Your characters should have goals, they need to grow and hopefully learn over time.

89. For the technologically handicapped, backup your files. At some point you will have to type your story if you use just pencil and paper. So get a USB port and save it on there

90. Type correctly while texting. Try and get in the habit or else next time you start writing for anything at all you might start misspelling your own name

91. Take a walk. Sometimes to help jog your memory or to come with new ideas, take a walk

92. Create an Anti-Hero. Example: Light Yagami from Death Note

93. BACKSTABBER!!! You trust someone and then they turn their backs on you! Oh that littleÖ Why not include that in the story too?

94. Be careful of the comma monster. Heís real and he makes your sentences look like they have many legs.

95. Accidental Innuendo: sometimes you can make your sentences sound sexual on accident. Or just sexually awkward. Example: During the Metapod Fight in the beginning episodes of Pokťmon, Ash said: MAXIMUM HARDNESS, METAPOD.
96. Too much of a Good Thing: Too much humor is a bad thing.
97. Sturgeonís Law: 90% of everything is crud. 90% of what youíre going to create is going to be complete and utter crap but the 10% is worth it. Be that 10%, that people want to read
98. Sometimes life is weirder than fiction. Fiction has its limits but life doesnít thatís what makes it strange. Thatís why you should probably avoid the True Life Story plot.
ďThus, God can work with the most mind-bending coincidences, far-fetched plot devices, and perverse dramatic ironies, never giving a moment's thought to whether or not his audience will buy it. You do not have that luxury.Ēó How NOT to Write a Novel
99. Switching POV: Do this so many times that maybe even youíll start to forget who the main character is anymore
100. Create your own. Letís just hope itís not too stupid.

Too Long;Didn't Read: Very Sarcastic Advice