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Thread: ╫╫----Nerd-ON/OFF----╫╫>>Jesus Final Version C&C please (page 2)

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    ╫╫----Nerd-ON/OFF----╫╫>>Jesus Final Version C&C please (page 2)

    Hello MT, glad to be back, though I changed my nickname, it would be a surprise if you remember my previous name
    I really look forward to improove my skills, cuz I know I lack a lot of things and I want to be really good at drawing :P so let me know what you think about my art and tell me what should I work on...

    this is a sketch I did at school:

    and some coloring (15 minutes...)

    oh and I forgot, if you like watching AMVs especially Naruto and Bleach please take a look at my amvs, and there's a video with me drawing, but it's pretty crappy, recorded with webcamera...
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    I've done a sketch last night, but I was too sleepy to post it...

    ...I don't know why his left hand can't be seen T_T I will fix it when I'll do some coloring....

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    well im not as good as you but i think that i cvaleefay...oh you know what i mean(you probably dont(_._) )! i think that fristly you draw great and shade amaizing!! and secondly i think that in the last pic you drew the guys head a bit to large for the rest of the body.
    Quote Originally Posted by GunZet View Post
    Mmm, yes, considering he's Serbian, he might.... overwork the ladies. Don't need that.

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    Nice sketch and the first piece looks decent as well. My only concern is with your colored version. First, you didn't give him an iris or pupil. D: But aside from that I think the coloring looks decent although a bit too blended for my taste. Also since his hand is so close it's kind of a focal point for the picture, so you may want to be a little more detailed with it. Like put highlights on the knuckles and maybe some skin creases as well.

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    **Gedeon: yeah, I got a problem with heads... thanks I fixed it (I think...)

    **nisaren: about the iris, I wanted to let at the end...for me it's an easy part, and the blending is something I don't like either, I will try to do it again about the hand, that's how I thought too, anyway thanks ^_^

    I will try to work on this 2 and finish them, now I managed to do a fast coloring on the last one, I think I will finish it without the lineart...

    Rollin over the \/\/0RL|)

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    Great stuff dude, I hope to see more crazy lettering stunts!

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    **Sparky-J: thanks

    I redid the shading... and added some details to the hand, but I have problems with the bg, the colors to please, can someone teach me how to color properly??

    Rollin over the \/\/0RL|)

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    Stylish. I think contrast colours in the background would make the pic pop though.

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    **Lady_Knife: ^^ ok, I will come with the refined version later

    ...lately I can hardly draw something, I just sketch some stuff at school and this morning I did a 15 min drawing...

    on this one I need some real criticism, I want to know the mistakes and the good parts ^_^

    sorry I can't finish any drawing, but I loose interest after 2-5 hours of work on it...
    Rollin over the \/\/0RL|)

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    hmmm... maybe this will raise you interest XD

    this is supposely for a contest...but I don't think I will finish it in time and there are a lot of things I want to do on it T_T
    and yeah it was done with refference but something really strange happened with my paint tool sai, it just didn't want to let me draw, everytime I wanted to do a stroke, it just reversed automaticly T_T....

    this took me about 5 hours to make in total...
    Rollin over the \/\/0RL|)

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