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Thread: April fools

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    Preparing the laser beam, we're gonna use it tonight.
    I've seen some other type of cyborg mouse. I freakin' want one of those.

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    Last year I had the best April Fools' joke ever played on me. Long story short, my friend broke into my house while I slept (she didn't break anything, I left the bathroom window open *dumb*) and crept into my bed. I was heavily dosed up with morphine and other painkillers at the time as I'd sustained severe injuries to my arm the week before, so I couldn't think properly. TL;DR: She made me think I'd got drunk and slept with her. This was considerably more amazing as I was too dumb to realise I would basically never do that because I don't drink.

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    That is the most epic prank evar.


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