Name: I can't make a name for this story, but most probably The Call of Ernie.
Rating: R/NC-17
Ernie - American junior high school student. 14 years old. Plays electric guitar with a bit of overdrive and Moog synthesizer. Writes songs, but his lyrics are unviolent and peaceful. Drives Nissan Skyline. Neko.
Nick - Singaporean high school student. 17 years old. Plays electric guitar with lots of distortion and drums. Writes songs, but his lyrics are objectionable and violent. Drives a 1960 Ford Falcon. Human.
Chiisa - a common Japanese elementary school girl. 7 years old. The cutest in the class. Neko. She is very weak and nobody can protect her, but she beleives that Chiike will protect her.
Chiike - a common Japanese elementary school boy. 8 years old. He is also cute, but not as cute as Chiisa. He defends Chiisa, but had a lot of failures. Human.
Hana - a Japanese junior high school girl. 13 years old. She is very happy and she can't imagine her life without sunlight. She draws very good and has three gold medals in swimming and a Grand Prix in computer graphics and web design. She has claimed Ernie to teach Chiisa and Chiike some computer graphics and web design and when they will be good at it, they will design a forum for elementary and junior high school students worldwide. Human.

The storyline I can't imagine fully, but the first chapter is about that Ernie finds an advertisement that Chiisa and Chiike are lost and Nick wants to find them and force them for opening doors, cleaning bathrooms and sharpening kitchen knives without any rewards. Ernie has decided to prevent Nick doing this. Nick said that Ernie must win a bit of races and guitar battles before Chiisa and Chiike will be his. On the first two races Ernie failed, and he asked for help. Hana claimed Ernie, and said that she will be a vocalist on the guitar battle. On the next three races Ernie won and got some money. Ernie spent them on upgrading his car. Then there was a third event, and Hana claimed Ernie illegally. Hana borrowed a Mazda RX-7. Nick called for backup, and arrived one racer on supercharged 1969 Dodge Charger. When last race began, Hana blocked this racer (see NFS Carbon Blockers) and gained first. Ernie tried to catch up Nick, but he arrived second. So when Hana said to Nick that Ernie is a winner, Nick disagreed, because Ernie finished second. But when Nick has decided to not count Hana, Ernie is first because actually Hana finished first. So, Nick gave Hana and Ernie a prize. Nick allowed Hana and Ernie to access Chiisa and Chiike, but not claim because they need to win a guitar battle. When guitar battle began, Nick's metal band entered scene first. Public was too scared and they didn't applause. Then Nick's band has played else three songs, but public was more scared. Nick's band left scene. Then Ernie and Hana enteres scene illegally. They played five good songs, and public smiled. They have gained a second prize and claimed Chiisa and Chiike. So, since that Ernie and Hana are allowed to protect Chiisa and Chiike from Nick's forcing.
The second chapter is about that Hana and Ernie are earning some money by taking Chiisa and Chiike to school and spending it by learning them web design and computer graphics.