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Thread: Free Forever! Come Play, my Lord!

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    Free Forever! Come Play, my Lord!

    So, it's that time again! Dungeons and Dragons has some openings in the various parties - some which need filling and so I come to pester you all into joining. It's fun! There's dragons, tits, Lovecraftian horors, swords, kung-fu fightan, and more! Join today! Free forever! Best online game! Play discreetly!

    So here are the parties with openings, organized by how badly they need new players, from greatest to least need.

    PARTY G: Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting! Party G is set in Northern Izumo, which is basically NotChina in the way that Resident Evil 4 is NotSpain. There's a bit of PVP in this one (we even opened on a tournament arc!) and the campaign has a lot of (and could use more) Monks. DnD Monks are less the Pope and more Chun-Li (I even give them unique fighting styles!). Think Wuxia films, Big Trouble in Little China, Mortal Kombat, Jade Empire and Chinese mythology and you've got an idea how this campaign goes.

    PARTY F: Party F is a bunch of people working in one of the militant arms of the Church of St. Cuthbert. St. Cuthbert is a D&D god who is Lawful Neutral and basically the God of the Bible. A merciless deity who enforces the laws as written. His church is basically the Catholic Church at its worst. The party is working under Grand Crusader Helena Amalric who, like her IRL namesake, is a firm believer in "Kill them all. The Saint knows His own."

    PARTY D: The high-level Chaotic Evil party working for Therion, The King of Rape, doom of Heroes, the Worldsmasher, and other colorful names, the big bad of the campaign. A giant 300 foot long fuck-off dragon. A party full of psychopathic sadists, rapists, and murderers working for a dragon who's basically the living incarnation of /b/. No lulz without frunz.

    If you're interested, post here and/or contact me on AIM at Kodos343. If you send me a PM, make sure for the love of Eris that you have me as a friend or have made your profile not private, since otherwise I can't respond.

    For more information, click the pic in my sig!
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