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Thread: How to color skin?

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    How to color skin?

    How to color skin is one of my huge questions.

    I know it deals with the color theory, but Ive never gotten around to studying it partially because I could never find a good article on teh interw3bs about it D:

    plus all the tutorials I find are so goddamn vague.

    Id like to be able to color hair/skin like these guys;

    But whenever I try and paint like that, ( I use Paint tool SAI) the skin colors always come out super over mixed, and like almost blurred together. It sucks and I dont get what I would like... D:

    Is there a technique or something Im missing?

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    I use photoshop and I find it awful to paint.

    In the first link I don't get it, you ask to paint skin but that's a landscape. The deal is that you can't just use pinks, you need to mix it with blues or reds to get a better depth effect and shading.

    By example, you have a brown hair, if you want it to paint, you can't just use different tones of browns, you need to mix it with reds or blues depending what you want. Taking the second link, the hair of the guy has a red clear brown base, is shaded with a more black brown (is also clear), for the last shades black and for the light some clear red brown.

    I don't know how to explain it well, maybe someone who knows the art words for this can explain you better.

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    Preparing the laser beam, we're gonna use it tonight.
    I suggest if you haven't already. Take an art class you'll learn some interesting tips and ways of doing stuff.
    Depending on the skin color, you'd use browns, pinks, reds, dark dark blue for shading skin (rarely ever black).
    Just experiment more...a lot more, it's not easy.

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    LOL!!! xDDDDD My good old buddy, who is too busy in Japan now :C

    You can check out his youtube vids if you havent.

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    From everything I've ever read about coloring skin is that there is no one correct color scheme. It all depends on the type of lighting that is in the piece. The only way to really discover how to color it is to observe and practice. Look at photos or even use Iccy's tutorial on ripping a good pallette from a picture. Coloring skin can be as complex or simple as you want it to be. I actually find faust's (sketcher2007) method for coloring anime style skin to be rather simple compared to what professional concept artists and illustrators use. If you're ending up with an over blended mush of colors then I would suggest not touching the blend or watercolor tool and only use the brush tool to put down color. You'll have some blending but not like you get with those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nisaren View Post
    Look at photos or even use Iccy's tutorial on ripping a good pallette from a picture.
    I have a tutorial on that? O_o

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    Oh whoops, for some reason I had it in my head that you did. Sorry. This is the one I was thinking of:


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