Hey everyone! If you have a tutorial suggestion, post a reply here and I'll post in my tutorial to-do list below. Please be as specific as possible and DO NOT ask for a tutorial that has already been done.

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Animation Tutorials
- animation materials (physical & software's)
- how to make animated gifs
- how to paint a cel
- simple animation (eyes, mouths, moving hair)
- moving backgrounds

- advanced hand tutorial (holding, at rest, and different positions)
- hand reference
- how to draw breasts
- breast reference (front, side, quarter)
- advanced feet tutorial
- putting it all together (drawing the whole body)
- height line up (young to old)
- advanced chibi tutorial
- how to draw older people
- how to draw big people
- how to draw children
- how to draw different types of people
- how to draw movement
- eye reference file
- foreshortening
- how to do action poses (running, jumping, etc)
- how to do daily poses (squatting, sitting, etc)
- how to draw couples
- how to draw kissing
- facial hair
- wet hair and clothes
- how to draw axis of action & action on frame
- crying
- drawing people in perspective
- noses (different perspectives)

- cats (big and small)
- dogs
- birds
- fish (big and small)
etc, etc

- one point perspective
- two point perspective
- three point perspective
- how to draw buildings: houses, skyscrapers, Japanese buildings, etc
- how to draw rooms
- how to draw towns
- how to draw water
- waterfalls and rivers
- background reference file
- how to draw electricity and lightning
- how to draw mountains
- how to draw beaches
- how to draw destroyed buildings and surrounding areas (rocks, etc)
- how to draw different weather (thunderstorms, sunny, cloudy, snow)

- how to draw blood: splatters, droplets, sprays
- how to draw solar flare effect
- how to draw monsters: vampires, ogres, beastmen, werevolves, lizards, etc
- how to draw elves
- how to draw scars
- how to draw bruises and scrapes
- how to make rain
- drawing objects - flowers, cell phones, paper, pencil, headpieces (hands-free headsets)
- how to draw food (Yummy! :9 )

Manga Making
- how to write a script
- how to typeset words
- how to typeset sfx
- advanced digital toning
- how to compose manga pages
- how to make Sound Effects
- how to a seamless battle; fighting movements
- sfx reference page (add more)

- how to draw mecha's basics
- how to draw mecha's advanced
- how to draw guns, rockets, grenades
- how to draw cars, trucks, etc
- how to draw everyday machines: PCs, phones, etc
- how to shade metal & shiny objects
- firearms

CGing & Coloring
- how to color cel-shaded style (base and shade & base, shade, and highlight)
- how to color painterly-style
- how to color with mixed cel style
- how to change the line arts color & line art styles (thin, thick, inked, pencil, etc)
- CGing tips and tricks (batch process, locks, chains, opacity, folders, blend mode, levels, etc)
- how to draw using the pen tool
- how to use layers
- basic Photoshop tutorial
- basic GIMP tutorial
- color palette reference file
- how to do "Street Fighter" shadows
- how to make awesome images with patterns
- how to add tone and other patterns in your CG
- how to color using watercolor
- how to color using acrylic
- how to color using markers
- how to shade in different lighting (daylight, moonlight, warm, cold)

- how to draw collars
- how to draw shoes and feet advanced
- Hats
- Gloves
- Pockets and hands
- Kimonos
- how to draw dresses
- army uniforms
- scarves
- how to customize uniforms
- folds of clothes affected by wind or movement

- fans and other props
- piercings and tattoos

- how to critique your own work
- how to add pop to your work
- art ethics: selling your work
- art ethics: using art assets the right way
- art ethics: copy drawing
- how to learn japanese (basic & kana's)
- learning from manga books
- are you reading your manga properly? (manga text & images)
- learning from scanlation
- how to draw animals
- how to draw dragons and fantasy creatures

Tutorials I may or may not do:
- how to do 3D art