Hi everyone so as the tittle says in this thread i will present my manga amateur.
i will try to upload the evryday page that i a draw.
here is a short resume:

our story bring us to a magical world were there is an floating island that no one have been able to access before. This island hide a mysterious enigma that no one have discover yet, To access to this island it is required to have a talisman which is located in the world. Our young hero named TITIO has a big dream, is to become the first magical hunter to fund the talisman. this is how the journey of our hero is about to start.

Here is a link that contain a version of the chapter 1 that I consider as a one shot. The real chapter 1 will be available on 10 April:

you could also read the chapter 2 here:

i hope you will really enjoy reading it. see you ^_^

ps: sorry for the english mistake english its not my first language but i try my best