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    Hey guys. I'm new. Wind. Nice to meet you.

    I was wondering how artists put screentones on their mangas without computers and then found myself googled to MT. I've always wanted to draw a manga/webcomic, but in the past when I tried, I got crushed like Luffy fighting the Admirals. I mean like, has anyone ever have a gutpunch Ace moment and then you couldn't draw for a few weeks (months)?

    SPOILER! :

    That was me after my most recent beatdown - until I read the tuts here. Before I knew it, I had over a dozen tabs open like it was tvtropes, furiously sketching away the dust on my Bamboo and then following that up by doodling on the sides of my notebooks during Math again. And then just this evening, I found a new admiral of a story birthed within my sketchbook. *grin*

    So . . . thanks. A lot.

    Anyways, I hope to learn a ton, help a bunch and have a lot of fun here. XD
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! I don't know if you found anything on screentones or not, but I know they're a little hard to come by around the Midwest at least. I was able to buy a toning kit up in Chi-town where you can print the dots onto the paper, and then use them the way professional mangaka do (well, not to say computer screens aren't professional, they are, too.) It's hard to explain how they work, but the "How to Draw Manga" books are really helpful. I was able to find one specifically on inking and toning (I think it was something about pen techniques.)

    Anywho, nice pic. you posted. Looks good!
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    Hey Wind! Welcome to the site. It's great to hear our tutorials here broke you out of your slump. There's actually a thread here about Overcoming Artist Block so if you ever get into that funk again, check it out. And hey, since you got a tablet, check out the GroouBoard or the Oekaki for some online drawing fun.


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