Another reason she is looking dwarf-like still is that (and I measured) she's currently just over 6 heads tall Dx In academia they teach us that the human figure is seven heads tall. This looks very average and unremarkable. Most artists will agree that a more visually appealing figure is closer to seven and a half heads tall and this is widely accepted in art especially when you're trying to make a character that is beautiful. Fashion designers will often use a figure that is 8 heads tall because this gives them a more lean and slick look that is reminiscent of a supermodel. I also find that proportion to be wonderful when drawing elves or races that are more graceful and ethereal. Superheroes are usually drawn 9 heads tall to give them a larger than life feel. For DnD purposes this is a nice one for giants and barbarian races.

Some food for thought when drawing different races and styles. :3