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Thread: ~*Blue Dragon Stuff-Mostly cleavage, but some nudity*~

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    ~*Blue Dragon Stuff-Mostly cleavage, but some nudity*~

    So I have some commissions I've been given, and I need help on the first character I actually completed. I know this is crap, so help if you can, please! I hate the mouth, I couldn't get it to look like the sketch.


    Here's the sketch:

    Inked version--WIP

    I know the lines aren't all that neat...and the lips need work. What else can I work on before I either color it, or redo it?

    Lastly, I made some "thumb nails" at work in pen, so they're etchy, but is the design okay? Or should I work on something with their expressions? The girl's supposed to be pretty young, but determined and a little dejected. The dude's a mercenary (yeah, I spelled it wrong on the picture...make fun of me, it's cool. I can't spell.)

    Thanks for any suggestions!
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