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    Okay, these are the other two I am trying to fix up:
    I posted Oisinn earlier. I tried to take people's advice (though I didn't have time to look up facial anatomy much.) I think I may need to lower the right (his left) eye some more, and possibly move it over to the right more? Maybe move the left (his right) further left, but not sure. Here's two pictures I used for comparison, I think the second may be better for how he's facing :/
    SPOILER! :

    Since the first one I posted is on another page, here's what he used to look like before critiques (see, I try to listen!)
    SPOILER! :

    And this one I'm redoing. She's a character from I book I tried to write in High School which...I probably won't finish, or will maybe turn into a comic instead? Dunno yet. This is actually a dragon in human form.

    The original from 2005 (post-High school):
    SPOILER! :

    If anyone has time (I know I'm not the best "critiquer"--though I do try ) please let me know if there's some stuffs to change. Looking at Oisinn again, I think he right (our left) arm is still too short...I should probably measure those. Well, any suggestions are helpful :3
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