oookie. so its been a hell of a long time since i last came on here for a critique. so during that time, i never actually stopped working on all my manga shtuff but i know one thing: it's gotten better!!
so without further ado, lets get started!!

yes laugh at where i started, but the one on the left you know looks badass

yes i know its not manga, but it's a different style that i've been working on lately.

and back to what i was known for back at the old fourm: KICK ASS GRAFFITI!!

mah good ol oc, wes.

something i should probably think about finishing.


ehh its a sketch page out of my sketch book.

awww. pretty!

something i did for a friend!
I also have a few other things on:
^tah-dah!! go there now. you know you want to! DO IT NOW DAMMIT!!

so please tell me guys, have i improved since the last time some of you guys have seen my artwork? and for people that haven't seen me on the fourms, what do you think of it!? im back for good now.... i think. so please comment!!