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Thread: Andr3ytp Art! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

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    looks good ^_^ to change your thread title go and edit your 1st post, but you've got to go in advanced mode, so the option to edit your title will be avalabile...
    Rollin over the \/\/0RL|)

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    Nerdonoff : Thanks !

    I just cant wait the summer ^_^ more time for drawing ...

    WIP assasin girl

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    Your Friendly Ban Hammer-er Rio's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Looks very promising! Can't wait to see the finished piece.

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    Yes, this is indeed looking very good I must say C:

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    One Thousand Member Hell_Baron's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Have you by any chance been reading Red Sonya lately?

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    101 Dalmations Member Scarletlight's Avatar
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    Reminds me of heavonly sword the video game. I think the neck could be the tinniest of bits smaller.
    Damn you MT members and your digital painting, the lights and shades are spot on where you have placed them.

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    Rio: me too
    doghateburger: Thanks!
    Hell_Baron: no , i never knew about her , i used a reference photo
    Scarletlight: Yeah you might be right , I will fix that next round i update

    and now ....

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    Super Senior Member Celestial-Fox's Avatar
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    ANDREI, IS THIS YOU? <333 YOUR ANATOMY. It's like lightyears ahead of where you started!

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    Teacup Ninja Tots Cloudy's Avatar
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    Your art is great~ <3 I don't see any serious problems except maybe the very last picture just be careful when drawing the features of face her lips are a little off centre if you moved them slightly to the left it would look more natural that or move her nose a big more towards the of the two is a crooked ^^ keep up the anatomy study, I look forward t seeing more!

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    wip 3

    Celestial-Fox : Thank you ^_^

    Cloudy-Chan : Thanks, I will work more at the face.

    And here is an update after 2 months I guess ... hope I will draw more in my free time from now.

    But I know , some day I will finish it!

    By the way , you can find it here too >>>


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