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Thread: Umber t. Kid, reporting for duty!

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    Umber t. Kid, reporting for duty!

    Alright, here for my token here for a month, gone for three months thing that i'm making a habit of. I've only got a few things to show at the moment since i'm on my school computer.

    Old thing I did before I learned more about photoshop

    SPOILER! :

    newer thing I did about 3-4 weeks ago after learning a lot more about photoshop
    SPOILER! :

    This was two weeks ago I think?
    SPOILER! :

    Last week. A man named Break

    SPOILER! :

    Last Night
    Epic title page that is epic

    Why does this redheaded girl and that blonde guy show up periodically, you ask? Good question! This explains everything.

    The Gods Must be Drinking

    Critique puhleaze. I know that Break has crazy eye going on. xD
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