2 things I want to make clear:

1. ERASE YOUR STUFF WHEN YOU'RE DONE. I don't care if you want others to see your pretty animu drawing, erase that shit. It's not fun going through every single layer to erase your art. Right when you log into GB you can see this as the first rule, but almost NO ONE takes note of this. Come on.

2. Stop abusing the "don't erase" privilege. It's okay if you'll be back soon, or you give us a reason as to why you'll be gone for so long, but if you keep using it constantly on one drawing over a long period of time, you're not being fair to the others on the board who'd like to draw. You are able to save your art as a psd, btw. So you can potentially just finish it in photoshop, sai, or what have you. Seriously, thats what I do. Just do that. Seriously

If you come back to see your shit erased, it's because you were taking forever. Just