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    Short piece of writing

    So, I found this incomplete story(?) I wrote few years ago. I wanted to draw it out into a manga.

    SPOILER! :
    Long long ago, when no one could remember, the world was going haywire. It was the time of sorcerers, magicians, witches, fairies and all. One powerful sorcerer thought that there should be order in the world. So, with magic, he captured the major elements in 4 objects— 1. An arrow which just killed somebody in a war (hence death captured), 2. A metal rod which caught lightning just at that time (hence atmospheric elements captured), 3. A golden heart shaped locket given to a loved one by a dying person (hence love captured), 4. He made a small star shaped locket using the dust
    of in a small lamplight and used it to store knowledge (hence contains the ‘guiding light’ and knowledge captured). The elements were too powerful to handle, so when he had the power to, he made them to choose the children they wanted to be controlled by. (Basically he didn’t have enough power to force them into the people he wanted. So he let the powers themselves choose, which was fine because it worked perfectly when the power and user had maximum affinity.) (Children, because they are pure, unlike adults. Besides they have more time on earth than, say, a 35-40 year old.) He kept the locket with himself, and they had maximum affinity too and he was like the group’s leader. Because of the powers, they had a longer life-span. They lived secretly in their ‘hide-out’ and had almost no friends except themselves (everyone they knew died long time ago). The guy now is the last one left in his gang. All others died, then he could control all 4 powers for a few months before they got transferred to (Kyle, Shea, Mike and Tanya).

    The actual story:
    SPOILER! :
    The sun rose all bright and sunny beginning another usual day for the town of Uberorte. People getting ready for morning exercises, some of them going for jogging and some just waking up were a common sight. It was just another routine day for the people of the sleepy little town except for four people...youngsters...who have no clue as to what is in store for them...

    “Wake up! Time for school!” a gruff voice called from outside the door. Kyle woke up with a start. He had not slept properly at all that night! And he had a math test first thing in the morning. He had bizarre dreams consisting of fiery arrows flying everywhere. He felt as if his eyes and hands, especially his wrists were burning very badly, but now he had to rush to school as he was already late.

    He went to the bathroom to find a sleepy handsome face in the mirror. His black, normally sleek and straight hair was all untidy and askew now. His jet black eyes craved for more sleep. He raised his hands to wash his face and found two black arrow-like burn marks staring at him. He was shocked and confused and didn’t know what to do. But just then, he heard the same voice calling-“Break-fast’s ready!” So he hurried and got ready for school. He would look after those burns or whatever later when he had the time to. For now he just hid them with by wearing wrist bands which covered them very well, and didn't look so bad or suspicious.

    Kyle ran to school and reached his classroom just in time. Some of his classmates called out to him to say ‘Hi!’, or generally wish him. Just then, Mr. Bill, his math teacher came before he could reply and the class fell in order. Kyle wished everyone good luck and sat down thinking he needed a lot of luck for this exam. He hadn’t even slept properly and was feeling slightly dizzy. He stared down at the question paper. The teacher was calling out the usual instructions—“You will have 1 hour to complete the paper which comprises of 10 questions. And yes, no talking, whispering, cheating.....”

    Kyle saw the first question—it was all right. He could solve it. The second one was slightly difficult, but it was ok. But the paper kept getting difficult. He was sure he would flunk it. After sometime, he started feeling sick. He at first dismissed it as nervousness, but it kept getting worse and his wrists also started burning like hell. That’s it! He could no longer bear it. He had to go to the nurse’s office and if he had better chance, he could even bunk school and miss the test. So he excused himself and went to the sick room. There the nurse commented—“Gee, today is a sick day!! Everyone’s getting ill at the same time!” And sure enough, he found four others in the sick room. He recognised Timmy from his own class who fainted at the beginning of the test and there were three others who he didn’t know, but saw them at the cafeteria. Those three had the same symptoms of sick feeling and burning sensations—but in other parts of the body. When the nurse asked him what the matter was, he replied that he just needed some rest.

    When the door shut, two of them who seemed like classmates started talking. The third one joined in the conversation. She introduced herself as Tanya and Kyle found that she was two years junior to him. The other two introduced themselves as Mike and Shea, and they were a year younger to him. Then he heard Shea’s voice call,”Hi! Are you from the 8th grade? I had seen you with other 8th graders yesterday.” “Yeah, I am,” said Kyle. “Cool! What’s your name? I’m Tanya and I’m from the 6th grade.” Said the girl with brown eyes. Her sweet voice was sharp and clear and she wore two cute pig-tails. She looked rather innocent. “I’m Kyle. Nice to meet you all.” ,said Kyle. “I’m Mike,” said the guy. His hair was short and spiky and showed that he used gel regularly. He was athletic and Kyle remembered seeing him in a lot of games in tournaments. “And my name is Shea, and I know you ‘cause I saw you at the annual tournament last year.”, Shea said. She was also well built and had short hair and bright blue eyes. She had a tanned complexion but still looked good. “Well, what’s your problem? I mean, why have you come here?” Shea asked, blushing slightly. Now it was Kyle’s turn to blush slightly with embarrassment. He was not used to people asking questions or talking to him that freely. It must have showed on his face because Mike suddenly said, “It’s ok. Don’t hesitate, we all felt sick and had burning sensations. We just asked because we were curious and it’s sort of funny—all of us having the same symptoms.” “Well, I’m not making up or anything, but I have the same symptoms. And personally I find nothing funny in a few kids having butterflies in their stomach, it happens most of the time you know...”, so saying he lied down on his bed. Then, Shea pointed out-“Why are you wearing those bands now when you are indoors and not playing?” “That, is none of your business”, came a very cold reply.

    Now, now...Dark Arrow always caused a problem. The other three get along very well, but Death... What should I do now? How do I set things right? How do I get them together...

    The rest of the day went eventless; if the cold glances from the three towards Kyle whenever they crossed paths aren’t counted. The higher grades starting from Kyle’s had classes till 4 pm while for the rest school was over at 3 pm. So, the three met in the playground to talk. Tanya started, “It’s nothing bad or anything, just strange...” and pulled the sleeve of her shirt up to reveal a golden heart shaped tattoo-like thing on her arm. It was like a part of her skin itself. “I saw this when I woke up today morning. And I couldn't sleep all night because of strange dreams, which I am reminded of when I see this tattoo or whatever it is.” Then Shea got excited and said, “I knew there was something about you. That’s why I called you here now.” She pulled out a locket from inside her shirt. It was small-ish, star-shaped and was glowing slightly. It was beautiful. She explained that she found it on her table, and how, as far as she knew, no one could have given it to her because no one could have possibly got into her house in the middle of the night. “Probably your parents gave it to you as a surprise,” Mike suggested. “No, it can’t be, because they didn’t know about it too. I had to make up some excuse to explain where I got it from when I showed it to them.” Shea explained. “And it’s strange, I sort of felt I should talk about this to you guys and I think it’s because of this.” Then Mike said, “Look here,” and pulled up his shirt slightly to reveal a silver-blue lightning shaped mark, which was just like Tanya’s except for the colour and shape on his hip. “I found this when I woke up in the morning too. You are right, Shea, something’s up for sure. But why that cold senior guy?! Anyone else, at least slightly friendly, would have done!!!” “Stop complaining Mike.” Shea said slightly irritated, “We have to see what is to be done and deal with it. What could this mean? Hmm...”

    The ages can be changed suitably. So what do you guys think?? I don't know if I should continue it coz the characters feel too cliched and the plot doesn't seem original, and I'm stuck - how should I take it further, should I have another bad guy etc etc. It seems so childish too. Well, how is it so far? Do you want a little more of the plot to say something? Please do comment!
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