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Thread: Baby Steps to Improvement: Advice Wanted

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    Baby Steps to Improvement: Advice Wanted

    Alright, tl;dr I just need advice as to how to go about slowly improving my drawings.

    When I first started drawing, they were all copies of source material. I just grabbed a picture that I liked and redraw it. Now, I'm up to the point where, though I will have many references, original characters are my main focus meaning very little specific reference materials.

    Right now, I'm taking it slow, putting down the foundations brick by brick. First off, I just drew eyes for a good 2 hours, made sure everything was as I wanted. Of course, I'm making tweaks here and there (I quite like the HoshiMemo/Irotoridori-style by Favorite) so yeah that's all I did for the first few drawings. Then, I drew bald heads repeatedly for about the same amount of time to get both the size, proportioning, and placement as close to ideal as possible. I'm still quite stuck in this stage, but I'm dabbling in properly drawing hair now.

    So yes, like I asked beforehand, I'd appreciate some advice and suggestions on how to improve more.

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    Personally I think you're doing great and with the right mindset so far. I'm gonna assume you're young? With that assumption, I'll just tell you now that you have PLENTY and PLENTY of time to improve, and though you may want to see improvement fast, when you do start to speed up the pace, you'll be much better at it because of what you're doing now.

    Some of the professionals, for example, one of my inspirations and idols Todd McFarlane said he'd draw nothing but hands and certain digits for pages and pages and -pages-, practicing the same thing over and over. Yes, it gets repetitive, so vary things, but in order to improve, you need to put up with the repetition, and I think you're handling it well.

    Keep the good work up and take your time is the best advice I can give you. Forcing yourself to accelerate would be a costly mistake in the long run.
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