Hey, I've only recently started drawing properly, so my level is still very amateurish. My goal is to improve enough to make my own comic, though this is not my primary goal. I'm doing this mainly for myself because I want to make a comic, not for anyone else.
I don't have that much yet since I've only been drawing for abotu 2 weeks. I will try the "draw 1 thing a day" thing soon, after I finish coloring one more image, to get more practice done. I believe my main problems are anatomy, hair, and straight lines. I'm drawing using a Wacom Bamboo, though I've been scribbling with a pencil too. I've been using PS for years, but only for graphical design, not drawing. After some practice now though I found some useful shortcuts and tools which should make any future drawing easier and hopefully better.
Enough talk, let's post the drawings I got so far (I'll leave out pure scribblings since I've seen people don't like them so much).

The character on the throne is missing, it's the girl below.

This one I still want to colour. The anatomy is definitely off I think, her boring stance is also part of it I think. The waist, the shoulders, and the feet don't feel right to me.