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    Hello everyone, I'm FGRaptor. In the world outside computers I'm called Alex, I'm 23 now and finished university this year (I feel so old now), though I'm still waiting for the results. I've studied Games Design & Creative Writing. I've never really been drawing, though I did some art for my games I designed on my course and I got a graphics tablet (Wacom Bamboo) for it. Then I found this korean web comic called "Tower of God" and it inspired me to make my own. So, yeah, now I set myself the goal of making my own comic.
    I've been reading manga for a few years, not western comics so much, but only now I felt like I want to try one of my own. I've been in an art class in school every year after primary school (more of a coincidence though), so I got some theoretical knowledge (or what's left of it), but we never really learned how to draw in practice. In retrospect it makes me really sad, at the time I didn't really care too much.
    Anyway, I'm hoping to get some critique and help here to hone my skills until I feel confident enough to start my comic. I'm quite the noob since I only really started drawing with a goal in mind and using proper drawing techniques about 2 weeks ago or so, but I do want to improve.
    I'm looking forward to a good time here and I'd like to give something back too, though I'm not sure I have the skill level required to give any feedback to anyone else.

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    Hey, welcome to Manga Tutorials! Seems like you're starting off in the right place. If you have any drawing questions that doesn't quite fit in the Critique Corner, check out this area of the forum. There's also lots of resource in there if you haven't already checked them out. See ya around~

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    I am actually Roy Mustang.

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    Games design & creative writing huh? Those sound like they'll translate very well into creating manga =D! Good luck and welcome!

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    Good to see a fellow game dev! My asset creation skills are limited, though, as well as my experience with developer suites and engines. Mainly tinkered with RPG Maker XP, Unreal Engine 2&3, and more recently, Unity3D.


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