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Thread: Choosing between three different concepts to go with... Help me pick?

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    Choosing between three different concepts to go with... Help me pick?

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place..


    [I posted this on Facebook, but none of my friends love me nearly enough to make a decision.]

    I'm thinking of drawing up a manga and I have lots of stories and concepts but there are three I want to choose from that I need help deciding between. HALP?

    1. A petty female thief named Danielle is tired of her lifestyle and wants to do something big. Real big. She wants to kidnap princess Lorelai and ransom her for a ton of money and never have to work a day in her life. So, the day of the heist happens upon her, and she finds that a big and ugly burly man-thief is going to try and kidnap the princess, too ! She beats the living daylights out of him but accidentally proves herself to be a hero to the princess and is trusted to escort her on a long journey. Throughout the journey, the thief wants to find other ways to kidnap the princess but every time she tries, she is somehow made out to be a hero and inevitably finds herself wanting to kidnap her less and less as time goes on. This is set in a world where there are strange steampunk-ish mecha and magic (wizards and witches and stuff.)

    2. A slightly manic and twisted toyshop owner in a small village (like a rural old-timey Europe or Germany or something) owns living, life-sized marionette puppets and a toyshop that comes to life when he is not there. The main character, Mary, meets the puppet-master's nephew who was sent to work there by his parents. The puppet master wants to attach the souls of children who come to the shop to puppets and dolls so that he can recreate the family he lost years ago in some tragic accident. Mary can move on her own completely, but can never leave the shop or her soul will escape her wooden body. She and the nephew become friends. This story has a tragic ending.

    3. What would you do if someone asked you, "When you are older, which would you prefer, to hurt 100 people or to be hurt be 100 people?"
    In another alternate reality, where humans are the slaves to a "superior" race, a human slave is in something like an animal "pound." This human was tortured by his previous owner for kicks, and now has issues with trusting anyone. A woman with silver hair comes to this place in search of a new companion. She tells him that if he comes with her, he will have all the privileges that slaves normally don't have like free speech, mobility and hobbies, but in return he must follow any order she gives him to a T, without fail. He agrees to come with her and he is introduced to his new home. While outside, he hears a large crash and sees the wall of the estate completely smashed as his new owner is thrown through it. After a huge fight between her and a dark-looking enemy, she is badly wounded. She confides in him; When she was very little, a strange man asked her a strange question, "When you're older, if you could hurt 100 people, or be hurt by 100 people, which would you choose?" she answered, "to be hurt by 100 people is better, I don't want to hurt anybody!" The rest of the story circulates around how she must fight and kill 100 enemies in order to be free. They grow together as friends as he watches her fight 100 enemies.
    The thing about this last one is that it could go two ways: His use could be purely to be a companion who DOESN'T hate her guts and bandage her up when she is done fighting and make her feel happy, or she could give him magical powers that help him fight by her side somehow, or heal her wounds magically. I'm not sure which yet.

    I see the first one being something like FMA, or SOA in the sense that it will have a goal, and a long journey and lots of bonding. It will be happier and have lots of comedic relief.
    I see the second one kind of like a one-shot volume which will end sooner because its setting is only in the toy store. It will have very little to offer as far as comedy, but rather will be twisted and sad.
    The third one I see kind of like... Scott Pilgrim or Soul Eater because it needs to fight a certain number of things in order to reach happiness. It will have some comedic relief, but I think because there is a lot of blood and references to torture in it it will be pretty uncomfortable for some people to read.

    Let me know what you guys like the best, and please tell me why you like that idea the most...?

    Or don't. ;^;

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    Two. One was bad and I didn't read three that shit was too long.

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    Kind of hard to judge just from these small descriptions. I'm also a firm beleiver that any story can be made well with enough charm and skill, but that's subjective... So I'll judge them by difficulty instead.

    1) Pretty hard. I could imagine it getting tedious both to write and read once somebody knows how the plot works. I.E, it would get really predictable unless you are super creative.

    2) The best route to go if you are writing a short story, but I'm not so sure if this would make any sense past more than two or three chapters... I mean, trust me, you are going to get bored of drawing the inside of that shop. Could be sweet, through, if handled right.

    3) Probably the hardest of the three. Slavery and the like, especially with humanoid masters involved, tends to push people's minds towards the perverted unless it's 100% action packed ultraviolence or intentionally dodgy black comedy. The fact that there is a sort of relationship between a slave and master is... Yeah, probably not going to help things unless you really kick it up a notch. But yeah. If you wanna roll around in it, go ahead, just make it absolutely clear that's what you are doing. ;I

    Hope this was at least a little help. >_>
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    Thanks !! Yeah, as far as which one I like best and which I have the energy to do, I like all of them equally. I was mostly concerned with which one would be the most popular. I agree about what you said about number three, because slaves are highly sexualized and I really want to avoid that or make it look undesirable. That would be pretty difficult, but I was definitely going to make it bloody and action-y if I decided to go with it. As far as the first one, the main plot itself is a little hazy but has a cliche bad guy and an overall war setting that I haven't really thought through enough to mention without making things more complicated. so far the first one has had the most yea's from all of my contacts. I liked the one-shot idea for number two, because I know that it would be very difficult to write for a long time. Another perk is that I actually know the ending to that one...

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    1) Hmm, I don't think the idea for 1 is bad as such... it really depends on your approach I guess. As Reg pointed out, you will need to be very creative to have it repeat over and over, maybe this would work better as a one shot? Rather than have a continuous cycle, why not alter how it ends a bit and maybe throw in some themes/symbolic elements and a moral? However this would probably be the hardest to work on in my opinion, especially when trying to engage with an audience.

    2) Hard to tell from the short prologue, however I think this sounds the most promising, almost like a twist on a grim tale of sorts. As well as what Reg said, it's going to be hard to also engage an audience if they do not move from the same room and are stuck in a small space. There may not be a sense of adventure which means you would probably have to work really hard to make your characters and their relations dynamic, believable, and most importantly; interesting. Again you could be clever and add some symbolism as well, which would probably work well with the tragedy theme of the story.

    3) I think you may have relatability/uniqueness issues in this one here. The concept of human slavery has been explored a number of times, but if you have it done by animals then that may be a bit too surreal. Not so sure on this one to be honest.

    Just my thoughts


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