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    This is for Rising stars competition on Youtube. (can't get in thanks to corporate google =-=)
    Its been post translated so it reads right to left. My other comic, Zero-Reign will be western style.

    (warning for mild language)

    Crime is being controlled by the two largest criminal empires in Tokyo but due to a new law passing suddenly, the crime syndicate was forced to constrict selling cartel to only a few ports in Tokyo, dim down prostitution and set prices higher on illegal weapons. A new age is approaching as the police task force is sent to rid the underground world completely. But why?
    Two youthful, ruthless crime lords are in control of underground Tokyo but become interrupted by a dangerous force. Their lives are threatened, dubbed as undesirable by the government and set up for treason by a mysterious group; Arashi. They join hesitantly with a similar goal: To destroy Arashi and its Boss and subordinates. It won’t be easy since they are also targets by the controlled smaller gangs in Tokyo. However, with the two of them being polar opposites, how can they bring Arashi down together?
    Instead of one traditional ruler in Yakuza culture, I present two as it will be far more interesting( i hope ;3; ) and ironic. This will show how difficult and rewarding it can be to work with another.

    this is the summary for extended manga which should equal to two volumes at most.

    one shot will just be about them putting differences aside.

    i don't want it to be very accurate, and not complicated or ill get a huge headache. Yakuza hierarchy is very complicated but interesting.

    main chars:
    Hideaki Zelig- The German-Japanese crime-lord who rules north Tokyo, his eccentric mannerisms , Bloodline and way of dressing often makes even his own people think he’s a bit too flamboyant and unworthy of ruling the north. He often portrays himself as nice guy, even to his enemies in battle. His nickname is the steel-fang because he has a habit of biting off a traitor/foes throat and being slightly Sadistic with a happy demeanor. He loves cats and often donates to his favorite local pet-shop. The owner, Ms. Reika is somewhat like a mother figure to him and helps him stash illegal guns in her shop.
    Hair color: Maybe Blonde but he forgot (he changes it often)
    Eye color: light green
    Height: 185 cm
    Weight: 80 kg.
    Gun of choice: Manurhin MR73 .357 Magnum revolver, or Broken lily Magnum
    Weapon of choice: his own body or his short-blade Mephostophiles
    Wears mostly: high priced business suits, out-dated fur coats and dark attire.

    Keisuke Hawatari(Asato)- Kei is known for his foul mouth and crude fighting. He dresses in regulatory western styled suits with his Japanese gang insignia, and street style with wild hair and tense demeanor. As far as he knows, he is the only child(which is not true) Kei has a diverse group of thugs, drug dealers and hit-man. Kei changed his name given to him by his father because his father was ‘ a good for nothin’ liar and a cheater’. Kei’s home place is Okinawa and carries strong accent. His handsome features do not fit his outward attitude at all and his apparent likeness to have a ‘sailors tongue’ often gets him in trouble(Hideaki thinks this is why he has the scar on his face). His nickname in the South part of Tokyo is Akuma no inu or Demon dog. He enjoys starting fights and writing poetry(although he hates to admit this). Once a year he visits his grandmother to give her birthday flowers. He has no knowledge of his father’s whereabouts.
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Crimson
    Height: 172 cm
    Weight: 75 kg.
    Gun of choice: Beretta M9
    Weapon of choice: any weapon he can find.
    Wears mostly: street clothes(including punk clothes, hip-hop inspired)

    it not mandatory to remember this, but i made a chart for the yakuza hierarchy in 2kings universe. i made this mostly so i wont forget the higher ups. most of them are in this oneshot briefly, but its important for over-all manga.

    a couple vids on how i tone manga. i hope this is ok ><

    thank you for viewing
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