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Thread: What are you reading?

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    Preparing the laser beam, we're gonna use it tonight.
    Almost done with this

    Gonna headbang to some Amon Amarth this last chapter.

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    I am skipping around Thomas Jefferson: A Strange Case of Missing Identity by Alf Mapp. Seems quite good, but he does that thing where he calls Alexander Hamilton a hypocrite for calling Jefferson a wannabe Caeser, because Jefferson said Hamilton said that Caeser was the greatest man in the world. *headdesk*

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    Recently I've read:

    1) The Passage by Justin Cronin: My favorite vampire/zombie apocalypse book I've read. Albeit, it's not really a genre that I read often, but it was really well written and I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Unfortunately it's the first in a trilogy, and ends with a cliff hanger, and the next book probably won't be out for at least another year. ;-;

    2) Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins: Holy f---, I love these books. They're young adult, but so horrifying. Basically a battle royale type thing, but more awesome.

    3) Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë: I loved the part about her childhood, but meh. Still going to go see the movie with my sister, though.

    4) Be Ready When the Sh*t Goes Down: A Survival Guide to the Apocalypse by Forrest Griffin: lololololol


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