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Thread: Mr D's manga

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    The intro page is beautiful, but I feel it's lacking in, well, introducing.

    Everything about it is top notch, but the two (main?) characters on the cover are waaaay in the mid-ground. They gotta be more in your face--KAPOW! MY NAME'S ELLEN!

    In short, make the girls the focal point. The same poses, but more zoomed in might make it work.

    The second page looks nice. I think the last panel should have more emphasis on the random-ass destruction. Motion lines, variation in, lighting, etc.

    Good job so far!

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    Junior Member Mr_D's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Hi outlaw, thanks for the helpful comment! I'll see what I can do with the first page, but I'm afraid it'll look more blurry if I scale it up. I already worked on a smaller sized canvas than usual and it was half finished before I realised that xD Maybe I'll just scrap the page xD

    The last page definitely needs more work, so thanks ^^ I'm still trying to figure out how far I'll go with the lightning, because if I start with highly detailed pages, I'll need to keep that up in the entire story, hahah, but expect some improvement soon ^^

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    Sorry for double post, but I uploaded a nex page on the front page: page 3

    I added more detail and shading. I also downloaded mangastudio trial, but I really don't like the program :/ the only useful thing in there is, in my opinion, the speed lines and that stuff. So I guess I'll stick with photoshop ^^

    I'm also trying to find a way to add decent speed lines and stuff to page 2 and both page 1 and 2 will get more work

    I hope you like up to now


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