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Thread: Mr D's manga

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    Mr D's manga

    Boring introduction


    I'm Mr D and I wan't to make a decent manga that has the same quality of a professional manga (as good as possible), but to do that I'll need help. That's why I'm posting here, so you guys can give critique and advise. I'm sure you can help me a lot, because from what I've seen on these forums, I can say a lot of you really know much about manga, so please help me

    I have to say that this manga will develope pretty slow, because I just don't have the time to do this fast. I'm putting a lot of thought into this, but I'm at my first year of university so I have other 'priorities' XD

    Characters (Contains spoilers, skippable):


    SPOILER! :

    A girl around the age of 16. She's been a test subject for her entire life. She's also got no memory of anything in her life. She's missing a part of DNA that makes the neurons in the brain to produce a certain neurotransmitter that allows people to 'remember' things. Other genes have also been modified, added and deleted, but telling those now would be too much of a spoiler ;D She's also partial albino because of mosaic gene expression, so she has to wear special protective clothing when she goes outside.

    The professor/Oh noes, I can't come up with a good name D= :
    SPOILER! :

    He's kinda a bad person that act's friendly. Age: 48 A biologist specialized in cell division and cell cloning. Not as well-known as his friend and much younger. He’s very talented though. He is now head of the team that researches the life span of cloned animals. The research has had several setbacks, but is close to ending.

    The professors friend/Patrick J.:
    SPOILER! :

    Dead like a brick (or not O.O) Age: 59
    He was a researcher and head of the human gene research department at the university. His most brilliant studies included the development of several techniques of very specific manipulation techniques involving certain dna-fragments. Those studies were stopped due to ethic aspects. After that he got several functions, most notable being the head of dna-specific disease studies, such as aids. But most of his research was unsuccessful or of less importance. A few weeks ago he died of cancer.

    The story (Read Left to Right!):

    Here starts the story. I will place all pages here and at the place where new pages will come, just have text of what's happening during the story, with the dialogues I will use in the manga already roughly sketched.


    1needs work

    2needs work



    Coming soon ;D


    Okay, that's it for now, I hope it's kinda original, lol, because I really want to make it original and not something that has already been done a thousand times

    Suggestions for a title are welcome too ^^

    I'm not really sure about what's going on next, so you can also give me some suggestions on a good plot and maybe I can make it fit into what I have already?
    Thanks for looking at my thread I hope you liked!
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