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Thread: DarkWings

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    I'll be explaining the basic plot for my novel, DarkWings.
    (I'm nervous. >__< I've never given this information out on the internet before.)

    Basic Plot:
    DarkWings revolves around my main character, Blitz, who can weild the element Darkness. After meeting the Angel Ruthiel (and saving her from a few rogue demons that got the best of her) she forces Blitz to help her in eradicating the remaining demons spread throughout the city. Weeks go by, and the two grow close. One day however, two Angels appear in the city and attack Ruthiel. Blitz comes to her aid, but is nearly killed by one of the Angels. It is then revealed that Ruthiel was sent to Earth to kill Blitz. She become too attached to him however, and thus didn't accomplish her mission. As a result, Ruthiel is to be taken back to Heaven and executed for treason. Before she is taken away, Ruthiel pleads to Blitz not to follow her. Distraught, Blitz helplessly watches as Ruthiel is taken away.

    The plot then turns into a rescue mission. Blitz must somehow break into Heaven, save Ruthiel, and escape with both their lives (and bodies) intact. He knows the risks, and yet he doesn't give a damn.

    Blitz travels through the various layers of both Heaven and Hell, meets a cast of colorful and original characters along the way, and uncovers a plot so sinister that his world (and all worlds) may be in jeopardy.

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    What would Dante say?

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    >___> he'd be speechless.
    Actually, I have no idea. LOL D:

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    isnt that sort of like twilight or whatever

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    e___e not at all.
    My description of the plot is only the first, well, "Arc".
    So no, it's nothing like Twilight at all.

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    Kinda sounds like Bleach...Maybe the travels of Blitz will be vrey different. I wanna know more!!

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    I can see where they can both be similar, now that you mention it. Haha.
    The first "Arc" is primarily about rescuing Ruthiel. I mean, that's the whole reason why Blitz is trying to get to Heaven. And in Bleach, Ichigo actually makes it into the Soul Society with little trouble. Blitz however "accidentally" (mind you) ends up in Hell rather than Heaven. It's there that the plot actually thickens, with twists and turns. More of my novel's backstory is explained during Blitz's time in Hell as well, so...yeah. XD

    And after that the plot just gets even crazier! I need to start posting some chapter up online, or something. XD HA~

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    Yeah, exactly. That's why I said Blitz travels might make it totally different! Do post!

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    I'll try and get some chapters up soon, then. Thanks for being so interested!

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    Ok, as you didn't get it, I might explain it to you.

    Your story is pretty much what the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri is (a Italian poet from the Middle age) but with powers (powers are never original story drivers). And this story has been extremely repeated; the idea that the main character has to travel to Hell (or Heaven; in Dante's case was in both) to rescue his love is something that has been done many times. You have Bleach as a common example in comics.

    The deal is not just that the idea has been already done (because to be fair we always repeat the stories), is that: you haven't bring anything new to the plot, that there is no thesis (or just the same thesis gaved by all the same authors), that the introduction is long (they have to fell in love) and inside the introduction there is no thesis; this is important, because at least you need to gave the readers an idea of what is going to be the goal of the characters, as being the goal rescue her, you first need them to fell in love, this can take a lot of time in introduction and if you short it you are going to lost the magic of meeting her. Another problem are the typical and over used concepts as "element of darkness", "demons", "angels", "heaven" and so.

    Also another big problem but this time with the argument is that, the angel appear, and she almost inmediately ask the main character helps, and so when they end killing all the demons the angels appear to take away the other angel. Is kinda stupid because as for what I have understood, she didn't have the time to kill him, ergo she didn't have the time to betray the heaven.

    Well those are my observations, there is a thread where we have gaved some tips, discussed and some theoretical corpuses about scripting and making a story.


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