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Thread: Digipro and Manga Studio

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    Digipro and Manga Studio

    sooo. I know I posted on here recently but I've got another question. Don't ya just love me?

    is the Digipro tablet compatible with Manga Studios? I want to save up for both but I need to know if they'll work together before I buy them.

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    Should be, but why not consider wacom instead? As its known to be stable with anything so far....atleast to me ^^;

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    I'm pretty sure it is. I have two digipro tablets and they've both worked with everyone drawing program I've using including PaintToolSai, GIMP, Photoshop, and FireAlpaca.

    Iccy, the Wacom may be too expensive. Digipro tablets are only $20-40 depending on size. They're pretty good for a first tablet (and I'm assuming this is Rosie's first) to make sure you even like using tablets.
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