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Thread: Critique Hugbees' Art - ***Contains Partial Nudity***

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    Critique Hugbees' Art - ***Contains Partial Nudity***

    This is just a small sample of my art. I have more art that falls under the "weight gain/belly expansion/vore" fetish category on my deviantart main page that I'll link to if you want to look at it, but I won't link those as images just because of their content. - ***Contains weight gain/belly expansion/vore and nudity***

    These are listed from oldest to newest. There have been works in between, but I feel these are my best from each "era" of my progression. The last one uses the pen tool rather than me shakily drawing in the lines. I feel my art lacks any real depth, and all of my progressions carry a similar look and feel to them that leaves something else to be desired.

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