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    Talking Strangers wisdom ITS ALIVE TwT

    so i wanted to play "whats it like bieng a real mangaka". And dare i say it i loved it!!! Of course my manga is bad and amaturish, its my first! My little baby thats ugly but i still love her!!!! I plan on doing it all over again, but ill scan it this time...iv had problems with the computer and data storages and the "Full" ver. of PS 5 ext. But it seems it was a demo and i couldn't save images when the trial time passed But then i took pics with my mobile phone and did it all over again! MWAHAHAHA TAKE THAT OVER-PRICED PROGRAMS!!!!! So what ill be doing in this thread is posting "mua" manga that i intend to continue so if you like to Lough Out Loud at one guys fails of an Manga then you've come to the right place!!!(Try and) Enjoy!

    First page...

    and so on

    probably some typos here and there

    Kinda failed this one...ohh well whos my ugly little baby!!!

    guess whos that..

    Yeah you can kill me now...well i promised to myself and my friebds that ill put all of us in my manga...but i didnt get to put them in here yet ( I wanna all the infamy MWAHAHAHA!!!)

    here we go again

    if theres something you cant understand(probably everything) Let me know... exepct the story ...i couldnt put it on 16 pages.!!!!

    i lughed when i thought of ant realy funny thou...

    ill shut up from now on...

    and thats that...i know your all bored and everything...BUT STILL YOU ACTUALY READ THIS IS A BIG WOOOHOOO for me!!! Im sory ill try and do better next time sory if the pics are too nig...i mentioned that the PS got all funky and creapy with me. Thanks and if you liked it (yeah right) pls tell me (itll boost this little self-confidience a have)
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